Trainwreck Gwen Hartley & The Hartley Hooligans - Attention Seeking Horrorshow Mom of Disabled Gremlins & Neglected Human Son, #FreeCal, RIP Claire

How long does Lola have to live?

  • <3 months

    Votes: 19 6.4%
  • 3-6 months

    Votes: 45 15.2%
  • 6-12 months

    Votes: 74 24.9%
  • 1-2 years

    Votes: 38 12.8%
  • 2+ years

    Votes: 7 2.4%
  • She's already dead and Gwen won't admit it

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I could see her adopting new potatoes, but I think I’d vote that she will tour the country doing pseudo-motivational wannabe TED talks about how everyone should farm their own potatoes.
She'd probably dedicate her life to Christian talks where she states that abortion is never the way to go and that no matter what you should keep your kids because she did. Also she'll probably go to anti doctor talks with her "experience" with them being "wrong"

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She'd probably dedicate her life to Christian talks where she states that abortion is never the way to go and that no matter what you should keep your kids because she did. Also she'll probably go to anti doctor talks with her "experience" with them being "wrong"
yep. she'll foster/adopt only zika-type anomalies:

anencephaly, holoprosencephaly, braindead teratomal, and the like. she'll encourage other women to carry to term fetuses that are not compatible with life- causing a lot of pain and suffering among them. (many of those conditions do not prevent the fetus/newborn from feeling pain, just from anything else and from living any amount of time)

she'll shill for the anti-abortion crew all over the place. for the MbP who get off on having children this disabled and sickly. for the antiscience crew. how many times had her own kids been denied even the simplest painkiller?

at least the taters will be dead, Lola out of her misery by then. I feel a lot of compassion for Lola. a purposely created abomination, that's never been able to experience any pleasure of living. poor thing.

I don’t think she’ll adopt or write a book. I think she’ll find some way to try to work with the Tim Tebow Foundation/Night to Shine event. Of course if she does, she’ll push as hard as possible to shoehorn the gremlins’ memory into the event, possibly by wanting to add an “in their memory” label or something. If she can’t work with an already established foundation, she’ll start her own in order to talk about how many lives Claire & Lola touched & how it’s now her mission to prove to all the doctors, haters, & naysayers how much worth & meaning their lives had.

The only impact their lives have/had is convincing people that sometimes abortion is the best choice. Oh, & that they’re the faces that launched a bunch of terrifying memes. What a legacy!

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What is known about the father of Cal, Claire and Lola? He's still apart of their lives, right?
That would be Scott. He's Gwennie's former high school sweetheart who she later married. He used to be a middle-school teacher then quit to become a part of the lucrative field of hobbyist glassblowing/glass-twisting.

He plays the straight man to Gwennie's antics, and seems to go along with most of Gwennie's stupidity/insanity.

How old is Cal, exactly?
He graduated from high school two years ago and is just about ready to graduate from his jesus freak community college, so I would guess he is 19 or 20.


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The Topeka Capital-Journal published a story on Gwen's legislative shenanigans.
The site wouldn't let me archive the link, so here's the full text of the article if you'd like to read it.
Gwen Hartley begged Kansas legislators Tuesday for the opportunity to use an oil with no more than 5 percent of the active agent in marijuana to help her daughter, Lola, cope with a profoundly rare medical condition that doctors predicted would be lethal before her first birthday.

Lola, 12, and her late sister, Claire, have endured medical obstacles from microcephaly resulting in cerebral palsy, seizures, developmental delays, dwarfism, hip dislocations, scoliosis, feeding difficulties and more. The girls’ ultra-sensitive bodies meant neither could use typical pharmaceutical drugs. Treatment included vitamins, kinesiology, essential oils, supplements and hydrotherapy.

Hartley said physicians and her family attributed Claire’s ability to survive until Dec. 17, 2018, in part to the unorthodox regimen. Claire’s death at age 17 prompted the Hartleys to attend the House Judiciary Committee hearing in Topeka, where they joined in debate on House Bill 2244. It would provide people an “affirmative defense” in court if arrested for using oils with limited THC content for medical purposes.

“We beg you to give us a chance to try low-THC cannabidiol oil with Lola,” said Gwen Hartley, of Wichita. “More than ever now, we feel the urgency and it’s all-consuming. There is no other reason I would be pouring myself into passing this law just two months after the death of my child except to save the life of one of my other children.”

During the hearing, the Kansas Bureau of Investigation, a coalition of three other Kansas law enforcement associations and one doctor argued against passage of the bill.

KBI executive officer Katie Whisman said she recognized the tremendous suffering of people afflicted with debilitating conditions, including seizures, but the cases couldn’t lead the state’s highest law enforcement agency to endorse a bill in conflict with federal law.

The bill was written so broadly it would enable consumption of the oil for a range of chronic diseases without authorization of a physician and without regulatory oversight, said Ed Klumpp, a former Topeka police chief who lobbies for police and sheriff’s departments.

“The 5 percent THC that is allowed by this legislation is clearly intoxicating,” said Eric Voth, a Topeka physician and anti-marijuana campaigner. “It is alleged to be intended to help seizures, but there is no evidence that this is based in research.”

Rep. Mark Schreiber, an Emporia Republican who sponsored the bill, said Kansas lawmakers should provide an alternative to expensive medicines touted by opponents of medicinal marijuana. The CBD medicine approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for seizure disorders, Epidiolex, costs $1,298 for a bottle sufficient for a couple of months of treatment, he said.

He said parents of suffering children weren’t asking for legalization of cannabis or insurance coverage of the special treatment. They request legal standing to argue in court, if arrested for possession of the oils, that it was obtained in an attempt to address a legitimate health disorder, Schreiber said.

“As an oil-based product,” Schreiber said, “it has zero interest from those who use marijuana recreationally.”

Democratic Rep. Jim Ward, of Wichita, said consideration of the bill reflected an incremental shift by the Republican-led Legislature toward reform allowing medical application of marijuana products in Kansas. He believes a full-fledged medical marijuana bill could pass the House and Senate and the state’s voters would approve of medicinal marijuana if the question were placed on a ballot.

“It’s more evidence that Kansas is ready to move forward and address marijuana issues in a more intelligent way,” Ward said.

The Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee scheduled a hearing Thursday on Senate Bill 113. It would allow medical cannabis to be purchased at dispensaries for individuals who receive a doctor’s permission to manage pain related to established medical conditions.

Sen. Tom Holland, D-Baldwin City, said the medical cannabis bill would grant veterans exclusive access to dispensaries in the first 60 days the law was in effect.

“This legislation provides a highly controlled yet transparent framework for allowing Kansans safe and legal access to medical cannabis. Because wounded warriors were put on the front line, this bill puts our veterans at the front of the line,” Holland said.
KSHB 41 also published a story on the hearing. This one includes a video. 10/10, would highly recommend.
She also posted about it on Facebook.
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"Look how cute Lola looks!"
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She's got a port wine stain on her face and on her hand. Gwen usually edits it out of her photos.
Thank you! I did read the whole thread but I must have missed that or forgotten. Apologies for that.

That pic is still the most horrifying one I've seen of her and she looks like she's suffering too. I wish I could tell myself that her brain is too underdeveloped to perceive pain or interpret it, like a lot of people in this thread do. But nature is often extremely cruel and the potential for human suffering too great :heart-empty:

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Dear god, she looks like death in that picture, complete with livor mortis :cryblood: What's going on on the side of her face? It looks like bruising
I think it’s that rash that has never gone away. (ETA ninja’d by a better explanation)

Lola’s time is very limited. Gwen is delusional to think a little THC will save her life at this point.

cbd cannabis oil is apparently very helpful to people in pain and who have epilepsy or seizures and the kind of thing lola has to go through. THC gets you high while CBD does not at all. Every marijuanna plant has at least a little of each but 99% of recreational and even medical marijuanna is grown to have the highest THC levels and no one cares for CBD as CBD levels in plants will be at around 0.1%.
Since the government now sells weed in Canada I checked out what they have to offer. Out of the 80 strains they had there was only 1 with low to no THC and had an impressive 5% CBD. This is what she would be looking for but most people won't bother with it cause people lie when they say they want the stuff that kills pain and doesn't get you high. It's also 3 times the price. Getting better access to CBD oil is not a "dude weed" move really. If anything the stoners don't want the government to know that you can grow high CBD plants without thc in them cause that could nuance the process of legalization. You could easily make a law that your plants cant go over negligible thc content and must be grown for the purpose of CBD pain treatment exclusively, but that takes away everyone's fun.

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