Hackmii.com, host of the Letterbomb Wii exploit changes logo to a "pride" flag - It looks about as threatening as you might expect

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Kill it with fire!

Can't wait for the blowback from this one.


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stale as shit, it already got traction and the traction died down already. marcan did it and people generally liked it, anti-LGBT spergs have already been cleansed from the scene anyways.


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There is a thread that got mad over a LEGO set doing this, and I think we even have a whole thread reeing at rainbow products, so yes

It is worth it
The Australian government got triggered over some activists who made their own micro-nation with the rainbow flag and 'declared war' on Australia, but this was pre-SSM plebiscite.

The problem is that it just doesn't get the same reaction as it used to.