Hailey Heartless / Sadist Hailey / Ryan Kreut / Lisa Kreut - Forced feminization ratking tranny whore

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Odessa Norwood

I haven't archived this because I am a fag but this picture is terrifying.

Archive, and yes, that picture really is horrifying.


Pandemic at the disco

Gaining a lb a day till corona's at bay
God dammit. I got so excited when I found Ryan Kreut separately by myself. I have been on a Vancouver is crazy binge for a few days and I was thinking if I made a lolcow thread he would have been it.

Dude needs to get the fame he deserves. Thanks OP, I'm a bit jelly but there seem to be a few other Jeffers hanging around Van.

I hope to make a thread as gross and stupid as this one before the quarantine is over and I have to get back to being a functional human being.


Kreut at it again with his usual obsession, along with Leada Stray and Morgane Ogre -- targetting Shoppers Drug Mart & Real Canadian Superstore for the capital crime of collecting donations for Vancouver Rape Relief.

From Kreut:

archive link

And his buddy Ogre, retweeting him:

archive link

Apparently despite being a purportedly incredibly small percentage of the population, Ogre alleges enough trans-identifying people shop at Shoppers Drug Mart to significantly contribute to their bottom line.
Absolutely yes.

They seethe at the fact some places are still reserved for actual irl women. Apparently the pregnancy reddit was hijacked by troons and now all posts have to be ~inclusive~ 🤡
The PCOS and endo ones too. Plus twoxchromosomes, badwomensanatomy, thegirlguide (or something similar); essentially all the women only subs. I think r/periods is the only one left.

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