Lolcow Hailey Schumacher / HaileyKittydoesart / Haileykitty69 - Violent and very degenerate baby that's a Skinner Simp. Now with 50% more underaged Speds defending her

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How long until Hailey flips her shit

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You know, I think a big reason I follow Hailey is because she reminds me of how I was... When I was a literal 11 year old. It's seriously hard to believe she's a grown adult sometimes.
I think sometime in all our lifetimes we feel the desire to fuck a fictional character. Only a few of us end up creating a Deviantart page dedicated to an obsession with that character though.


Hailey: Sexualizing minors makes you a creep
Also Hailey: *uses a schoolgirl self insert to ship with a 49 year old principal*
Every time we make a prediction involving Hailey, it is always willed into existence because we think about it hard enough. God is with us, always, fulfilling our prayers.

Guess what, bitch? I lied about being that person. Also, you're all retards.
Yeah well you know what? I'm a fucking victim and I will not talk about it until you believe absolutely every word I say at face value!

we all know it’s you, Hailey. the way you type and Hailey types is way too similar. not to mention the death threats riddled within your little essay, there.
Both Hailey and Elaine Miller lurk their threads and have alt accounts and they try so hard not to make it obvious that it isn't them but they can't figure out for the life of them how to cover their tracks when it comes to being this exceptional in their own threads. I would love to see some effort from the both of them but every time they try to hide their true identity in exceptional individual personas, I immediately get disappointed.


Your local living [[BIG SHOT!!!!!]]
The diabetes is strong in this picture. I expect Hailey won't live to see her 30th birthday if her physical appearance and dieting habits are as bad as this.

In other news Hailey has given her thoughts about 9/11:


You know what's funny, @AnonChan? You've constantly sent us on the Farms death threats and gone into great detail about how you'd off us all - and guess what? That can be classified as a type of terrorism, so by your logic you'd be lined up against the wall no different from the Taliban. Suck to be hoisted by your own petard, doesn't it Hailey?


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"Murder", she wrote.
View attachment 2532339

"I don't eat much, I swear you guys!"

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I'm willing to bet she only walks for 5 mins at most.

She probably only started to starve herself after she saw the unhealthy breakfast/lunch/dinner picture of hers posted on here.

My advice to her would be to only drink water and nothing else. Seriously. That can help her lose some weight.

For eating, IDK. Maybe eating only fruits and vegetables with the occasional chicken drum.


Your local living [[BIG SHOT!!!!!]]

Hi @LumpyMoose - you just couldn't stay away, could you? How do I know it's you?

Your favourites tell me everything.


The only thing missing is Scrambled States fanart. Unless this is an autist being exceptional and pretending to be him I expect Lumpy will DFE again once he sees he's been found again.

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