Lolcow Hailey Schumacher / HaileyKittydoesart / Haileykitty69 - Violent and very degenerate baby that's a Skinner Simp. Now with 50% more underaged Speds defending her

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How long until Hailey flips her shit

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Total dyke tbh
Hailey's been doing her usual, so I've compiled her more interesting posts again.

I'll take unhealthy eating for 500.
her origin story.PNG

How she came up with the number after her username.

Based Hailey.


Fly to Cherno with me.
Yeah I'm a bit late to the party and yet:
Fuck you all
Aight, jump on my dick. Don't worry it will have a healing effect on you and your cunt.

Or, respectively, you can fuck a cactus.

one of these days, people like you will be burning in hell because of the shit you done.
Pfft, yeah sure I will burn. You. Oh, you'd thought all the baddies suffer in hell but in reality some of these come getting some nice benefits from residing there.

Also, Hailey, are you gonna trick or treating?
Wanna know who else come on farms to rant about themselves? Hitler! Are you hitlerette?


Fly to Cherno with me.
I was about to say, "Woah, don't say that, they're a minor", until I remembered that this is somehow an adult. It's hard to believe that this isn't a 13 year old sometimes.
On a contrary, it's pretty convincing that this person have some legitimate brain functionality issues that cause her late adultry. I saw such people irl, even had somewhat of a dialogue with one during my stay in military nuthouse (nothing pleasant about anything of that, trust me). Thus a behaviour of pre-puberty teen explained.

Carry on, lol.
I prefer more grown up and adequate women, about 24-26 years old. Thank you but hard pass on this specific issue of american education system.

Crystal Maye Franks

Waylon Smithers Overload!
Person of Interest
Haily once again has a tantrum involving us because she can't keep her fat mouth shut.

View attachment 2610103

Congrats, Hailey. You've given us attention!
Hailey, we are NOT sociopaths! And you're trying to get rid of us so you can do it in peace. And this is coming from someone who likes Waylon Smithers and Masked Osodashi!

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