Lolcow Hailey Schumacher / HaileyKittydoesart / Haileykitty69 - Violent and very degenerate baby that's a Skinner Simp. Now with 50% more underaged Speds defending her

How long until Hailey flips her shit

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True, especially considering the rapid influx of newfags we've gotten lately. Its easy to underestimate them but once they go full ween mode its usually too late and we lose lots of precious milk and lulz.
Never underestimate the power of tards

So I guess New Jersey is the leading state of special ed?

Edit: Yes New Jersey has plenty of them.


Great. Giantess fetish. She’s like the Bryce Cherry of autistic crossovers.

found this on the piece I discovered her from. Couldn’t tell ya what the original comment said



Happy Pride Month
Hailey reveals that her sibling is transgender and says she "doesn't like swearing on the internet", yet doing it a lot. Its implied that she's crossed paths with another lolcow, Timlegionfederationa, or Tim Legion.

Hailey has gotten into another slapfight yet again, this time with obvious troll DAWhaleWatch and even threatened to dox others.

Found more of her raging against the Bad Deviantart Art account on Twitter.


What's up, goyim and gentiles of YouTube?
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We make fun of many Da cows, but we never go that far.
You have to understand, Hailey betrayed his fictional militant nation of Federationia and committed crimes against the ABDL community. Those are not things to be taken lightly in the eyes of a deaf diaper-wearing caveman with schizophrenia and an extremely high power-level.

I've only just realised what that emo circle thing is meant to be.

He's a goddamn villain from that really bad CGI Pac-Man cartoon. Which means Hailey must be a fan of it.

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He’s in a lot of her art as well.


That’s supposed to be some big city greens character (tbh the only reason I know of that show is bc of the fucking Pokémon fan who worked on it and snuck in Jessie and James) and Gifany as the fucking tall vampire lady.

No kid was killed in this? Probably jerked off while making this pretending the kid was a hater


looking for my car keys in the threads
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Looks like Hailey intends to dox people who say mean things about her art and her fanfics. The irony is so strong that it almost hurts.
People with this severe amount of autism have to be disallowed to use the internet. They are endangering themselves. Sadly I think her shitty artworks are the only social interaction she actually has. I wish she got someone to care and socialize with her.

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