Halalween 2018 -


  • FuckYou

  • RomeoRose

  • uncleShitHeel

  • Y2K Baby

  • MysteryWoman

  • Bryan Dunn

  • scared sheep

  • xyrichard

  • The Idea Guys, Ballzymaker94 and NinFreakLan

  • clever boy McDrool

  • Chrisology1337

  • Mr. Armenian

  • Avery Chicoine's Personal Cuckold

  • Lulzy

  • Heryos

  • The Temple

  • Gay Old Man Team of Michael J Hirtes and Kenneth Erwin Engelhardt

  • MaddieNolan

  • Chopinpiano

  • The ZooSadism fags

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I regret nothing.
True & Honest Fan
My nominations are:

Literally everyone from the Zoosadism thread who thought they could pull a BBC-Autistic-Sherlock on some sort of Cuban Mastermind Jeffrey Dogmer over leaves, ants and icecream. For like forty fucking pages. And then doxed the wrong guy. And then kept going.


@Scrotus, @permanently_depressed, @Slimeball92A, @mono, @Patron, @PopcornTin, @Alice Springs, @DICKPICSRUS, @Paimon, @Ask Jeeves, @pirate holiday, @ectoplasm, @Reynard, @idk my bff jill, @Saigonara, @Aguas Locas, @soryu, @kinglordsupreme19, @ATaxingWoman, @NotSoAceCat, @Kiislova, @Muah'Dik, @ForgottenAcct, @Negativity Stopper and @Laughing_dog for their varying degrees of exceptionalism in IcecreamGate. Ya did it, team. Gold stars for all.

Special shout-out to @Saigonara who literally walked into multiple actual shops and deadass showed them photos from the leaks to identify a fucking cake. :story:

And another for @Zeva_Adom for messaging the family members of one of the suspects over FB to grill them about fucking dogs or some shit, scaring them into lockdown and then arguing with Null about why he didn't bother to archive anything.

Outside of the Zoosadism shit:

@FuckYou because he died as he lived - a complete cuckup.
I remember suggesting there was a possibility that shit could be used, and I had no idea that I had opened pandora’s box. I said something, then when I came back to the thread it was maybe forty pages later and all i really saw was the aftermath. Quite a surreal experience, and I do feel some regret that I aided in opening that gateway to autism. But don’t consider me one of those faildoxers. I was busy with life when that shit was going down and the thread went by too fast for me to keep up with it at that time. I’m not gonna take responsibility for the actions of other spergs. They probably would have done it without my dumb comment of how if I’ve cream doxing actually worked would be hilarious, anyway.

Kari Kamiya

"I beat her up, so I gave her a cuck-cup."
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I almost forgot about the beautiful saga that is @MysteryWoman, so I went ahead to vote for her. Caught the tailend of it when it went featured, but that was fucking insane. I don't know the final decision behind it, but I feel like their exposure was what helped lead to the creation of the Internationale Clique subforum (as they're foreigners, so there was a poster who helped Null with the Norwegian or Finnish translation about it in the thread if I remember right).

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