Artcow Half-dude / Ian Knau - Car Fucker

He also refers to cars' owners as their "masters" in his comics. Gonna add slave play to the fetish list.

"NEVER fuck a car with the engine on." These are clearly people of intellect. Hamster-like intellect.

I hate to ask, but I feel I must; why don't they just duct tape a flesh light to the back of their car and fuck that? Is cold, greasy metal that sexy?
Come now, that link carefully detailed how to make a home made flesh light to stuff into the tail pipe of your beloved car

Johnny Bravo

What really gets me is that carfucker's art really isn't all that bad, technically speaking. The subject matter is what makes it terrible.
Most of his TBLT fanart is fantastic. If you go far enough back into his gallery you can even see he did some normal cartoony stuff at one point. I hope he does something with all this talent other than porn.

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