Halle, Germany Shooting -


The Black Man, The Crawling Chaos
[insert statement about Door Cuck being the living embodiment of the worst traits of Neo-Nazis and /pol/tards here]

I like how just a few pages in a few people (such as @Hoopla and @Wake me up) unironically claimed that gun control prevented this event from getting worse, and not this sped's shitty gun making skills and general ineptitude.

That glownigger neo-Nazi @Harald Hardrada was hilarious too.

As an aside, the comments on the BitChute mirror of the video are fucking cancer.

inexplicable ethos

Imagine the Colombine spergs doing this shit with huge VHS camcorders strapped to their heads and throwing around 3.5” floppy disks with their manifestos on them as they did their shooting.
Hey now, don't be ridiculous.

The Sony Handycam was widespread by 1999. They would have been small digital cassette recorders. CD-ROM was already common at the time as well.


Yo, buddy. Still alive
But can Gun Control™ stop weaponized atsimu?
Where there's a will, there's a way. Gun control relies on people being dissuaded from:
A)Making their own firearms due to lack of know-how (that's increasingly changing thanks to the internet)
B) Purchasing black-market firearms due to the exorbitant cost (That didn't stop Breivik)
and C) Registering legal firearms with the authorities and the red tape associated with owning legal firearms

Slimy Time

Rape Face #3
It's there, but it's just a footnote. There's more attention given to that guy armed with a knife who was shot outside a QLD police station.

That it happened in Queensland surprised nobody.
Even 4 has kinda lost interest in this guy. Barely any interaction on /pol/ and if it is, it's either rightly mocking him, or trying to find the weebshit music he was playing. I doubt any politician is going to bother with this example as spin for tighter gun control or authoritarian rules, he was just that incompetent. I do think weebshit might get put on blast given the music and the image at the end of his "manifesto".

Distant Stare

Fuck California
To any an heros who may read this

The chosen at your local Synogage are not worth killing. They are normal people. They are not Soros-es, or Zuckerbergs, or Rothchilds. Half of them are conservative. The ones who go to Synogage are likely more traditional and conservative than you. The people you hate and read about on pol are not the people you are neighbors with

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Do Lolcows Dream of Electric Hedgehog Pokemon?
Imagine the Colombine spergs doing this shit with huge VHS camcorders strapped to their heads and throwing around 3.5” floppy disks with their manifestos on them as they did their shooting.
There actually are handcamera recordings of Dylan and Eric shooting guns in the woods and screaming into the lens about normies.

The Littlest Shitlord

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He didn't even have the balls to use knife, because he was too much of a pussy to stab another human and hear them scream in pain. He had to invent a gay shotgun to get as much distance from his actions as possible. I bet that if he had had a kiwifarms account he would have used VPN like most emasculated males do.
We need a "glow in the dark" rating for stuff like this.

the autist of dojima

6 words, enought to derail anything you post
Achievements are a neat idea and I think more aspiring mass murderers should do something like this. We could even bet on which ones they're gonna get during the stream.
Those arent even original though, they are pulled straight out of /v/ threads talking about that school shooter simulator the goverment made some time ago

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