Halle, Germany Shooting -


"nanoposts with 90° spatial rotational symmetries"
Those arent even original though, they are pulled straight out of /v/ threads talking about that school shooter simulator the goverment made some time ago
Is there an archive of that thread?

I can't find one, but I'm not that good at searching for that kind of thing.


I love how at 07:00 he tries to open that shitty wood door, and it's locked so he just says "FUCK," mills about on the LDA, shoots some fat chick, wanders around a bit more, shoots the fuck out of the same shitty wood door, and then fails to kick in the door which my grandma could have kicked in. 2/50 Tarrants. (1 point for the anime music, 1 for admitting he was a NEET.)


The way the world ends not with a bäng but UwU
bro he could have just fucking rang the bell and asked to be let in and they'd probably have opened the door
Au contraire mon frère, Door Cuck is playing 4D chess, it was too risky.
Door Cuck DoKumentation said:
The street in front is overlooked by cameras and as a young, fit, white male with blond hair and blue eyes and without tattoos, piercings
or other degenerate shit(beside being a weeb) I already look like a terrorist.
Also of note
Door Cuck DoKumentation said:
there’s a surveillance cam right above the gate, and I think this or the one behind that can only be opened by someone inside with an
electric door panel. The windows are not really reachable either. And they could very well be bullet resistant, as the BRD spends huge amounts of tax money on jew safety. [...] I could try to open the yard entrance door by hitting it with my car. That would prevent me from getting away and doing a second action, so this option is not preferred.
Totally won't spend his life in a small windowless room replaying how many of his tactics were forgotten in the moment. Creating an unimaginable spiral of self disappear via his own failure. This sped pre-planned the attack, in his head, with no room for error. When in reality Murphy came up and anally sodomized him live. Knowing he should spend life in jail is made only sweeter by thinking that he also spends every moment reliving his failed magnum opus.


“Faggotiest Kiwi” (yes its real KoP stop PMing me)
After watching this incredible display of masculinity on Bitshit, I decided to scroll down and read through the comments. Beyond learning that this and the Christchurch shootings were both staged by the Liberal-QAnonUltra-Obamacare-Jewdas-Priest-run Media, one of the kind young gentleman was a fan of the rapper he was listening to early in the video and provided a link.

I’ve been giving it a listen the fast half hour or so and have to admit I never thought I’d be slightly nodding my head and rhythmically flexing the muscles in my right foot to someone singing about going ‘1488 on you.’

Check it out and you can hear such classics as:

“In the Oven Now”
“All White Paradise”
“Everything I Do I Do it for Jews”
“My Gun and Waifu”
“Because I Seig Heil’d”
“Shekels in my Paywall”
“Holding out for a Tarrant”

...and of course the holiday class “I Wanna Gas You”

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