Halle, Germany Shooting -


I trust you can see my point.
100% understand and agree with your analysis, especially the part about class struggle, something nearly every relevant political actor seems to (deliberately) miss.
But there are always some people genuinely not understanding why it's never attractive people spazzing out - same reason it's never attractive people having discussions about this with strangers online.

Most likely not. The German premiere is today.
Some cinemas already started yesterday. But no German media seems to draw any connection between the movie and the attack. They need to tard cum this for the upcoming election ("open borders and peace for everyone" vs "neo nazis gunning down innocents in the streets, see, we told you so"). Plus there was no media fear mongering against the movie in Germany, we're not yet at a point where our media openly attacks cis white males.
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i don't understand how you can fail so bad
like, he wants to kill jews in their synagogue, but can't figure out how to get inside?
he could have just waited for them to come out and gotten a good shot off, but no, instead he starts sperging out hard with his failbombs and scrapyard guns, kills two random goyim, and gets himself caught. what a tard.

They do, but the dumbass tard made his own crude zip guns and that aside, it's surprisingly not that hard to get illegal black market guns in continental Europe if you know where to look. Germany is flooded with illegal firearms in particular as a lot of the refugees smuggled in guns and there's a lot of stuff stolen from old Soviet bunkers in the eastern part of the country.
rapefugees smuggling guns is a weird meme that isnt true

most black market guns in germany (and probably the rest of europe too) come from two sources:
#1 some are former soviet stock that got sold off under the hand during and after the soviet collapse, then got smuggled across borders across eastern europe and eventually made their way into the west.
#2 others are from former yugoslavia. the wars there caused a massive proliferation of firearms across the local population, and there's lots of former yugoslavs (mostly croats but some bosnians and serbs too) living in germany now, and they have contacts with family and friends over there who can hook them up with all kinds of old guns. and thanks to EU open borders you can travel to croatia and back without even having to show ID, no questions asked.

I got a distinct lack of self preservation from both of his victims. That woman just walked off as he was getting ready to aim, the guy who lucked out just stood there, waiting for death (before the gun jammed) and the store owner who just cowered there while he was fucking around.

You would think "Oh, his gun is jammed? Time to beat the fuck out of this punk", but none of them do. Same thing with the Tarrant shooting, if the whole room decided "let's get this guy" like that one guy, a lot more would be alive.
normies in germany are extremely sheltered and detached from serious shit like this. it's very likely that the fat lady who got shot thought he was some drunk weirdo in cosplay gear, not an actual terrorist trying to kill people.
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Die Mutter des 20-jährigen Kevin S., der von Stephan Balliet in einem Dönerladen erschossen wurde sprach mit dem Sender RTL. Freunde hätten ihr das Video des Nazi-Killers gezeigt, in dem er filmte, wie er ihren Sohn tötete. Sie habe das Gesehen nicht realisieren können, darauf gewartet, dass Kevin nach Hause kommt. Erst als die Polizei bei ihr klingelte, sei es für sie zur schrecklichen Realität geworden, erklärte die Mutter den Reportern des Senders.
Translation tl;dr Mother of one of the victims learns of her sons death after a friend shows her the video of Door Cuck killing her son. She still waited for her son at home until the police knocked on her door.

Holy shit, what sick bastard would do something like this


I think that would cause the killer to shoot himself, or spontaneously burst into flames, or otherwise completely stop being a problem.
Let's not make any rash conclusions, perhaps there are other ingredients which will deter future speds. Victims of these faggots will serve humanity by discovering more items that are like holy water to speds. If we find enough of them, we might be able to create an ultimate weapon.

The Spedal Gear!


Am I the only one that can't help but feel bad for how fucking cringeworthy this whole situation was? I pray that I will never in my whole life ever be in a situation that is as much as 10% as embarrassing as that pitiful attack. Holy shit that guy truly has no options besides hanging himself in jail. It's also way too premeditated to claim some sort of schizo episode. Man he just has to end it all. I just imagine the cops and attorneys and judges shuttering out of embarrassment during examination. "And then when you failed to open the door…"


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Hitler had no qualms enlisting Arabs, Turks and Indians to the cause, despite them obviously not being within the description of "der Herrenrasse".

Eugenics doesn't seem to do anything to remove genetic diseases from the gene pool, more like an instrument of societal control. His progenitors should be gassed though because he makes a bad name for speds worldwide.
Hitler, through Himmler's SS, believed that the origin of the Arayan races was from the area around Tibet/Nepal and the nazi's sent expeditions to that region in order to prove that was the case. The SS was incredibly seeped in mysticism and rituals.

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