Halloween Merch Run 2020

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Nov 14, 2012
Hello frens,

It is that time again. Our halloween merch run designs are in. These are for shirts and hoodies.


(When checking out, please be patient. The form to finalize the order takes a minute.)

Some things to keep in mind:
1. Based on feedback I may tweak the designs, but probably not.
2. I don't know what color they're being printed on. I am waiting for expert opinion before deciding.
3. Both styles are unisex. I am waiting for hoodie sizing information.

This time around the shipping is auto-calculated by USPS, who does our delivery. Yes, overseas shipping is nightmarishly expensive still. In fact, I've been undercharging for it.

If you have any issues let me know. <jcmoon@pm.me> works best for email.

Yes, this is a mad dash again. I advise against waiting.
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Sep 23, 2016
Oh fuggg I can't decide what design I want. The little Kiwis are so cute, but smug slobermutt in the corn makes me laugh.

edit: Forgot to ask, are the t-shirts themselves from the same company as last time? My CoronaKiwi shirt was a little smaller than I personally like, so if these shirts are from the same people I'll go a size up.
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