Halloween Merch Run 2020 -


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Colors: Black for Harvest Moon, Maroon for Kiwis of the Corn.

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Sizing: Hoodie base is https://www.ssactivewear.com/p/independent_trading_co/ss4500 and the T-shirt base is https://www.ssactivewear.com/p/next_level/3600

NOTE: 4XL will be a different base for both. I accidentally sold that size specifically so I could get PPP a shirt and I didn't realize they wouldn't be able to use the same base as the other sizes.

Timing: Sale may end at absolute latest next Sunday, but as early as this Monday. Certain people are angry about the sale.
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Maroon! Excellent and unexpected. Thanks Null!

cuddle striker

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I am totally comfortable with Null knowing my real name, address and credit card info but am greatly disturbed he knows my clothing size... Anyways, no confirmation email here either but no worries, enjoy my money dear Leader!
I was tempted to order a L instead of a M to give the impression of greater girth and manliness but then realized it wouldn't fit under other clothing.

Its like an autistic da vinci code, a riddle that some people solve instantly when they see the shirt's illustration while others ponder for years, eventually we all flip the hood up on our 4xl hoodies and gather like the reunion in ff7
Think, more like Mormon underwear.