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They must have taken my marbles away
I get them a size bigger than I am in women's sizes, or at least big enough to fit chest and hips, and then take the side seams in where it's baggy at the waist, that usually does the trick.
I order 3x. I then completely refashion it into a flowy tank top or short dress. There are lot of videos online about turning mens into womens. Find what style you want first so you know what size to order. It has less to do with YOUR size and more with how much material is needed to create what you want. For anything good, you have to sew but there are some no sew options.


>>2. I don't know what color they're being printed on. I am waiting for expert opinion before deciding.
Black is a good color for both illustrations if you want synergy. It's night-themed and classic color
Also purple #66017a and blue #1f084b looks like a good option.
If you want something light, maybe yellow #FCCB37 for the dog and #FFF461 for kiwis, is the color of the corn.
If you want green, you can take the color of the plants and the kiwis.
You can go with classic white but it won't feel "unique and detergent", there's too much visual weight in color, the white makes contrast in both pictures. I perceive it very "corporative" under a white background instead of an urban T-Shirt, dunno, is just my opinion as I'm picky with white backgrounds for illustrations that aren't white.
I'm not an expert but well I think that you should have at least one light and dark color and to combine with the shirt.
You could go white, black, Light color, dark color, 4 designs.

Edit: I saw the colors post just now, well :gunt:

Nightmarishly expensive is not an overstatement - 39 bucks to get a couple of ounces of shirt to Europe.
(Not flaming Null - just genuinely surprised it is THAT bad)
39 USD?, feels cheap.
I'm going to reveal some of my powerlevel. This is amazon shipping to my cursed country. :story:

Bonus: This is only the price of shipping, without taxes, and without converting my local coin to USD.
If I were to do that, the actual price would more or less double.
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And there, I just placed an order for a Harvest Moon pullover hoodie and a Kiwis of the Corn shirt in ADDITION to my previous order of two Harvest Moon shirts.

These are too good to pass up and they help Null fight the good fight.

EDIT: Forgot to mention which design was on the hoodie.
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I already decided on getting the Harvest Moon design as a hoodie and purchased it back when the run started, but since Ralph reared his gunt in a passive aggressive attempt to intimidate the Farms I went ahead and bought a Kiwis of the Corn t-shirt at the last minute.

I don't even like the cutesie designs that we get for these runs, but damn if I'm not going to do my part to make this hypocrite's cowardly posturing backfire entirely.

Maroon is my favorite color anyway, so why not.
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Assuming that yall are using the Stamps.com plugin with Woocommerce, you can actually ship shirts as 'package/thick envelope' (under first class mail) to save almost half. Shipping is actually quicker too at 1-3 days vs. 3 days. I run an online shop too and its been a life saver.

Great designs by the way! Next Level is really good quality too. Can't wait to get mine.


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Amazingly and surprisingly cute designs! But will the shipping fees be particularly more expensive to ship to Europe/ Namely England?;)
You should be able to check shipping costs by placing your item in the shopping cart and then scrolling down to find where you can estimate them by putting in a location. It's available before you order fully and is right under the base price.

ETA: I love the little kiwis and am very excited! Thanks for the cute design! Maybe for the next set, I would suggest a design more like the minimalist designs with sleeve text like Pewdiepie's 100 mill collection? I think it would look cool :heart-full:
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There seems to be something weird going on with the shipping this time. Last time I ordered a shirt and stickers it was only $15.00, this time it is $28.00. I would like to order, but I don't want to pay more for shipping than for the shirts.

I looked through the thread and I didn't see any mention of an increase in shipping. @Null you have any idea why the price increased? I did search a little and I see that USPS to Canada shipping were to increase in July, but it said only by $3.00 or so.


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There seems to be something weird going on with the shipping this time. Last time I ordered a shirt and stickers it was only $15.00, this time it is $28.00. I would like to order, but I don't want to pay more for shipping than for the shirts.
Last time I picked fix rate and charged $5 for Americans, $15 for Canadians and Mexicans, and $25 for everyone else. It was a guess. This time I am using a plugin to determine shipping accurately using the post office's API. This is what it will cost and this is what it cost before.