Halo Top ice cream YT commercial fails to sell ice cream - It's a very fat woman dancing in her underwear. No, really


From what i have heard, Little Baby's Ice Cream tastes pretty good. At least they didn't make pornography out of a fat chick.
It was garbage, from what I tried. They had all these CrAzY flavors but you can't taste the crazy. For example, a sriracha vanilla where you can't even taste the sriracha at all; it's just vanilla ice cream. Might as well just buy Talenti or even Breyers. The only thing I can say in their defense is that I didn't get it from their actual stores - it was samples at some kind of event. They had a blueberry one that was okay, though.

Anyway, having shitty parking in Philadelphia makes it not worth paying 20 bucks just to try hipster ice cream I didn't like the first time. If I want that kind of thing, I'll go to Franklin Fountain - they've got an old timey gimmick but at least they've got some pretty good ice cream.

The only place I ever hear about Halo Top is from /r/1200isplenty types so I don't think their customers are fatties.

It's another "insult your existing customers to appeal to people who won't even buy your product" move.
I used to be in a Discord server where the women there would regularly talk about hoarding coupons for Halo Top. The whole point of the product was the creator KNOWS people down the whole pint and enables the classic bad behavior of doing that instead of adopting better eating habits.

Similarly, Arctic Zero is also awful. I had the chocolate peanut butter one and it was more like water ice than ice cream. Bleh.
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Whispering seeds of doubt into the ears of troons
I occasionally see this advert pop up on TV and yeeeeeeeeeeech! This doesn‘t want me to eat their ice cream, it just makes me want to see that the sow is brought up for slaughter and that the suits responsible for it taken behind the barn.

That said from what I’m hearing from you guys I should stick to Tillamook, Ben & Jerry’s, and Thrifty ice cream brands. I do love me some of Thrifty’s Chocolate Malted Krunch ice cream...


I saw it once online after reading this thread, and I genuinely thought she was naked because the goddamn bra looks like her skin! Even the other woman in the commercial was like “what the fuck?”