Happy Daddy Rape Day 2018! -


Dragon Kick your ass into the Milky Way.
I'm guessing by Phil's lack of activity this DRD, he has either forgotten that lie or is too stupid to find a new way to double down on it again.
Wow. Phil actually learned to stop bragging about a rape that never happened. And he learned that the antifa masks and black block are supposed to make you hard to identify.

I mean, it took him a few years to figure these things out, but he’s actually made a little progress. I wonder if he’ll ever figure out how to stop shitting himself?
Oh, I doubt he's forgotten. I'd wager that either he doesn't have internet connection, he's posting on a board that we have yet to discover, or he's truly homeless. Or dead.

Personally, I'm betting we'll bet one more "saga" out of him before he truly drifts into obscurity. Then after a few years of silence we'll find out he's dead, call him a cracker faggot one last time then go on with our lives.

Alex Krycek

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If Phil does die we will know about it pretty quickly. In fact knowing him he’d see dying as a victory because that means we lost content to laugh at.

The memories will all be there though. Every time I see a block of cheese I’ll still chuckle, every time I make potato salad, or mashed potatoes potatoes, or baked potato soup I’ll offer one potato ironically to Xochi (Apple keeps wanting to autocorrect the as coochie and I find that funny so I’m throwing that in).!Every time I see Antifa protesting I’ll ask them if they know Philip Haskins-Delici and encourage them google his name. Nothing changes except that those of us who have been documenting him for ages just keep his memory going on our own quiet, simple way. A less than flattering legacy.

If he gets hit by a train, you aren’t alone Terry.
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The Un-Clit

Can you find it? come on in, look closer!
This one goes out to Angelo DeLici, devoted father and Vietnam War hero, in honor of Angelo's Italian heritage...

And since Phil became a commie because of Hetalia, here's a Hetalia video that is also in honor of Angelo's Italian heritage and Phil's as well, since Phil is white and will never be Latina. Only white college kids use "Latinx"

Despite the high levels of homoerotica in this video, there is a disappointing lack of figgin'. 3/10 would not fap again.

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