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Featured on Jun 1, 2021 at 7:13 AM: Pride Month: Who's your LGBTQIAP+ inspiration?
The Kiwi Farms enjoys a vast wealth of diverse persons from all corners of the LGBTQIAP+ spectrum, including the differently abled and autistic. Lets reflect on our favorite people who identify outside of the heteronormative.

I'll start with a retrospective of Chris.

So believe it or not, back in the day the forum (then CWCki Forums) was a lot more left-leaning and progressive

This post contains a statement I think about a lot and wonder how well it holds up in retrospect.
Dicktucking drama ruins communities. It's a cancer in the PVCC, it tore apart the Lolcow boards, and I won't let that happen here. I will burn it out of the forum before I let it control every discussion.

Chris first announced they considered themselves a "Tranny Cross-Dresser" in August 2014.


By December, Chris wanted to be called Chris or Christine (but not Christian). Here's the thread:

We can see the duality of (wo)man on display:
This is horrifying. He's truly becoming an autistic version of Jame Gumb. Help.
So is Christine the name she chose or just one that Watermelon made up?

Over this thread and elsewhere, dozens of pages of discussion were devoted to the pronoun question which resulted in me announcing that you can use whatever pronouns you want, and people should stop correcting others (i.e. >she) because that's also fucking annoying.

And so it was, an innocent forum in an innocent time looked on at a peculiarity and thought it was an isolated case of autism, not something that would dominate the politics of the western world for the next ten years.

Who's YOUR LGBTQIAP+ inspiration?


Feelin' Healthy
In a strange way, I would say Jonathan Yaniv, because his subforum was really the first time I noticed just how much the mainstream media would protect even the most vile piece of shit just for checking the right QT+ boxes. When Kiwi Farms is literally the only good source of information on someone, you know the world is fucked up.


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The entirety of social media. Honest to god felt so isolated when LGBTAOMGWTFBBQ+ became a thing and was even more isolated when all of a sudden my shitposts were no longer acceptable and homophobic.

At least here I can call someone fake and gay and not get completely cut off, cause a site-wide meltdown and kicked out of a community.

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