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I would like to make a joke but I really can't. Why would I celebrate that I love to take dicks up my poop chute? If anything, it's part of the reason why gay people are seen as weird. Fuck that noise and the whole movement.

And obviously fuck Google for starting the corporate bandwagon. I'm sick of what was once a perfectly usable pattern for art (rainbows).


Who's YOUR LGBTQIAP+ inspiration?
I thought it was very brave and courageous when Dominic Vanner AKA britbong came out of the closet as a transsexual /crossdresser.

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It's really a shame that such a vast and important concept like pride has been bastardized to mean "benis in the pooper and teenage girls with dyed hair". So to celebrate, I'm gonna tell what I'm proud of.

I'm proud of the obstacles I have overcome so far, proud of my family, their decency and hard work, proud of communities who come together, proud of people who stand their ground and tell the truth despite the world being against them, proud of simple yet humble and honest people who keep the world turning, proud of artists who follow their vision despite it costing them fame, proud of everyone who finds something to smile about every day, proud of people willing to doubt and think and proud of everyone who's willing to get off their ass and make the world better. :feels:


Derich is my favorite LGBTQIAP+, he is a coomer with playlists of young children, he is best known for tweeting at pornstars as well as being DSP's son and brother of Jasper. Recently, when DSP moved to Youtube, Derich was bullied by people impersonating him and asking Phil questions.

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