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Unironically, I have one based-as-fuck MtF acquaintance who thinks quite poorly of all the political troons and other train wrecks of the whole alphabet community. They're not without their faults, they were a literal fucking LARPer and a furry, and have had their dramatic breakdown moments... however, they're proof that there are still some who are genuinely dysmorphic, and aren't just attention seeking sociopaths (that's their pre-transition ex-gf).

On the flipside, ironically speaking, Wesley "Laurelai" James Earl Bailey. Imagine being some "elite troon hacker", being a fucking fed informant and selling out everyone who ever trusted you, and still having the balls to bitch about being "fed jacketed" as the reason why people don't trust you. Like bitch, you got a long and public history of stabbing everyone you've every known in the back. He is truly an inspiration as to how infamously terrible a troon can be. As fucked up as you might be, average Kiwi Farmer, at least you're not Laurelai.
‘Based’ and MtF do not belong in the same sentence


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No, but seriously now, my LGBTQIA+ inspirations are without a doubt ADF and Rika, the tranny who smeared shit on the walls and jumped out of the window.
At least when Rika trooned it was somewhat adventurous. These herds of nearly identical lolcow troons who just imitate each other is pathetic and they need to reduce their numbers via the 41% method as soon as humanly possible.


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I always looked up to James Randi but he didn't come out until his 80s.


It gets bigger every year cause it makes money. The only color of the rainbow that really matters is GREEN.
Same thing happened in America with weddings and Halloween. No, 4-day "wedding weekends" and Halloween pop-up shops on every corner were not things that happened 30 years ago. Once Americans figure out how to merchandise something, we go berserk.
What baffles me about corporate acceptance of "Gay Pride" is that 35 years ago, the same companies today who embrace the gay $$ had the opposite sentiment. The Gay Nazi Alphabet brigade has totally forgotten this.

Why they don't see the embracement of corporate pandering as a victory is beyond me.

How could you not celebrate Thanksgiving though? It's literally just about hanging out with family and eating.

Also Barack Obama might be the last left but eventually they'll dig him up and try his corpse for war crimes for the half-white part of him.
100% of St. Obummer can be tried for war crimes right now.


My inspiration is (You) :)

What baffles me about corporate acceptance of "Gay Pride" is that 35 years ago, the same companies today who embrace the gay $$ had the opposite sentiment. The Gay Nazi Alphabet brigade has totally forgotten this.

Why they don't see the embracement of corporate pandering as a victory is beyond me.
Normies love it because it lets them casually say how woke they are, but it's a common sentiment among actual gay communities that it's useful but insincere pandering.

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As much as this is a meme thread Alan Turing was legit an incredible man. Everyone at this point knows of his work on computing and enigma, but less well known is his work in biology. Specifically he was interested in how patterns could form from a homogenous sheet of cells. E.g what happens in early development in patterning and digit/organ formation.

His solution to this was published in 1952 in a paper named 'The chemical basis of morphogenesis' which basically suggests that the distribution of a diffusible activator and inhibitor could explain a huge variety of patterns with very simple rules (https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Turing_pattern)

To this day this model is being used to examine how biological patterns form and whether they act as would be predicted by his approach and recent research seems to suggest early hair follicle development is mediated by diffusible proteins (Wnt, FGF and BMP) that interact in a Turing model like fashion.

To me it's pretty crazy that a paper he wrote in 1952 is the basis of some really cutting edge research in biology and is being used to explain a huge number of processes in development. Especially considering he wasn't a biologist.

In my books this nigga was pretty based.
He was betrayed by his own country, they wouldnt give him a free buttsecks pass like they did to victoria's obviously gay and whore murderer grandson even tho turing basically saved the britcucks from getting further rekt'd by the windmill autists from germ-any
Day #2

"Rika", circa 2014. From Philadelphia. Smeared poo on the wall. Jumped out of a window. Hooked up with a sugar daddy. Had a 48-hour drug-fueled mental breakdown because a gay man on the KF was more feminine than him.

Disappeared without a trace.
I miss robay the poop goblin and his IRL shitposting, I remember when he dropped by at old 8ch /cow/ to baaaaw at us


+1 for Alan Mathison Turing. Brilliant, brilliant man, war hero, and yet his own country fucked him over. All because he was into fucking dudes.

We joke and make fun about the oversensitive gays, queers, trannies etc. but I am glad equality in the west is to the point where LGBT+ people aren't screwed over by their governments anymore and can live their best life.


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Zinnia Jones is hilarious because they always make that retarded cat's-asshole smirk.

That and the fact that they're one of those types that says a bunch of shit they think sounds scientific while obviously not knowing a damn thing about the subject matter. Oh, and the gaping asshole is fun to make jokes about.

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