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Happy Valentine's Day, CWCki Forums.

I'm feeling slightly poetic today, forgive me.

Valentine's Day has had a significant quality in the scope of Chris' life. Chris' search for a partner has lasted over a decade now with absolutely no success. I think that Chris serves as an important reminder to us that there are consequences for inaction. Sometimes we wish that things were handed to us in life, but as Chris has showed us, that makes us weak.

Chris has lived his life on borrowed time. He has taken all he could from his mother and his father, from society, from anyone that would give him the time of day. He never became any happier as a result. At the ripe age of 31, he's already looking near death. He was sustained by the the people around him, and now he has devolved from a person to a mere sideshow act for both our entertainment and education. I believe he holds out every day hoping that some sweet young girl will help him turn his life around, because he never learned how to take care of himself on his own.

I feel that today especially, Chris contemplates the meaninglessness of his possessions and the vacuous existence he inhabits. He likely does this every day, but today he will undoubtedly linger on it a little longer than most.

I want you guys to know that I host this forum because I like you. You're a bright group of people. I see our discussions and I see things like Fialovy and Dunsparce getting together and it makes me happy. Even though this forum probably shouldn't exist because of how trivial its topic is, it manages to thrive, and it's brought about some pretty cool things. I understand a lot of you guys are in a rough spot right now, so for all of us spending Valentine's Day alone, just remember that Chris is miserable today because for the last decade he has did nothing to help himself. We all have plenty of time to make change, but we do not have forever. I promise everyone here is smart enough to help themselves, but remember: rock bottom is just around the corner.

Much love and good luck,

To Chris:
If you read this, I want you to know just one thing: We don't hate you. Nobody here wants to hurt you. You remind us of ourselves, and how we could be, and you inspire us to reach for greater heights. If anything, we secretly root for you to succeed. If you managed improve your life, so could anyone. Good luck buddy.
Thanks for the post! It was well written and nice. Like our favorite manchild, I too am in my 30's and haven't had anything great happen on Valentine's Day in more than a decade, though the reasons for this are quite different from Chris's. I think having Chris around makes me glad in that that things could always be worse, and keeps me in check for fear of becoming like him. I've spent hours reading this site, and have gone through such a range of emotions over the years learning about him, and have grown quite a bit due to what I've seen. Thank you to everyone involved in the forum and wiki.

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Hey guys, Happy Valentine's Day, not only to my heartsweet, but to every last one of you. You guys have been some of the best friends to me despite never seeing any of you (with the exception of Dun, of course) in real life. I'm so thankful to have you as my friends and just remember that not only is this holiday is about romantic love, but also the love between friends, which you all are and it is something we all can celebrate.

Just remember this and no regular on this forum that I know of will celebrate Valentine's Day alone, even if they are girl/boyfriend-free, unlike Chris who does not seem to have any real friends and even then, he would not recognize this. Besides, if I recall from Catechism that I took many moons ago, that St. Valentine, who the holiday was name after, not only was known for marrying Christian couples (which he was persecuted for), but also healing people?


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That was a very beautiful post, Null. It warmed my heart, too.

I've never really felt more alone in my life than I do now, and it's not because of Valentine's Day - this entire year has been off to a bad start. I lost my house this month after the loan went into default, so I've been in the process of moving before the bank puts it up for sale. Before this happened, I went back to school and got my GED, I got my driver's licence, opened my first checking account, started looking for work... I felt like I had finally begun to make amends with my past and atone for all of my mistakes. I felt like I was now pointed in the right direction. But I knew this was coming. It's what got me in gear in the first place; I thought I could prevent it. I just never realised how hard it could hit me. But when I think back on all of the things I have lost before, it all comes flooding in. I don't know how I could have been so foolish as to think myself invincible to emotion. The house is just a thing. I've already got over it. But with this veil of ongoing uncertainty that just keeps growing stronger and stronger, in my loneliness I find myself wishing my dad was alive to help me through this and teach me how to be a man.

I had an anxiety attack a couple months ago after another one of many major financial crises finally forced me to gaze at the oncoming train ahead. I think I'm still recovering because ever since I've been dizzy and sore. And yes, I ought to take better care of myself, I know that. Losing weight, eating right, exercising - it was all part of the plan. If I make it through this slump without too many more scars than I've already incurred over the last ten years, I vow to kill myself before I ever see myself become like Chris. However, I have yet another ten years to go before I'm his age, so I hope to prove Null's words to be true and honest that I am smart enough to change and overcome.

I really have no friends or family to fall back on during these times in my life, so it feels good having a great bunch of people to talk to every day. I know I might not come off as the most amicable kind of guy sometimes, but I hope you all I know that through my jest, I always mean well and I appreciate you all a lot. So with the fondest heart, I wish each and every one of you a very happy Valentine's Day in kind. Except for Chris, because he's Hitler and deserves to die.:pickle:


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That was beautiful, Null.
And now I present to you all one of the greatest literary accomplishments of Christian Weston Chandler, written thirteen years ago today:

Valentines Day Hymn.

On the day of love and romance,
Hearts and cupids fly around.
The arrow of cupid hits a man,
And that man falls head over heels for a pretty gal. :heart-full:
Cards and candy go hand-to-hand,
Expressing the thoughts of love put in the poem.
Kisses are shared and fireworks are blown,
The only way that could happen is if they kissed on the 4th of July.
On a date, the man could not pay the bill,
So his date slammed her door in his face. :heart-empty:
Red and Pink are the hearty colors,
Because that's how the hearts were originally drawn.
The man's coat over a puddle,
The maiden walks,
Then the man trips and pays the laundry bill. :briefs:
Under the moonlight,
The couples of the world kiss,
But unfortunately for few,
They are interrupted by their parents. :julay:
Night is right for love,
Except for the werewolf...
Wrong holiday.
Happy Valentines Day to all lovers!
The cupids did a pretty good job,
Didn't they?
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