Harley Quinn - DC Universe Series - Verdict s̶t̶i̶l̶l̶ ̶o̶u̶t̶ I̶N̶. out again.

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I want to like this but all it does it constantly remind me of Venture Bros but not as good.
Eh, go back and watch VB Season 1. It's not as good as you remember. I rate HQ as better than S1 and S2 of Venture Bros. Just not as good as S4 And you're setting a pretty high bar.

It reminds me of the Venture Bros a lot but as I actually totally wish we had more Venture Bros, I can't say that's a bad thing. Dr. Psycho is probably my favorite, which is a little weird because in the comics he is just so fucking detestable. He's still awful here but in a funny way. I love his and Ivy's one-liners too. Very funny show, it lets Harley be a villain and doesn't try to moralize. And despite being cartoonish and absurd it's got some humanity to it. So yeah overall very good.
Yep - Psycho is definitely my favourite of Harley's crew. But Poison Ivy is probably my favourite. I also like the take they have on Batman in this where he's highly competent but also not some dumb Batgod interpretation. His fight with Poison Ivy goes sort of how it should - she's definitely more powerful but he holds his own. Also, love their take on that little shit Damien.

There's also a sly little ribbing of all the Harley-Ivy shippers in that episode if you're quick. Yeah, - verdict is now in. I really like this show.
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And how do you explain anime (I mean the ORIGINAL ANIME, UNCUT AND UNFILTERED) series like:

Death Note
Dragon Ball Z and the rest of the Dragon Ball universe
Parts of Sailor Moon/Sailor Stars
Vampire Knight,

Just to name a few...

1. Dragon Ball Z: Fighting scenes to the point of blowing people up and seeing blood splattering everywhere among other bodily fluids and organs...and let us not forget decapitation!! (Yes, very child-friendly indeed...)

2. Sailor Moon: The Sailor Scouts are crucified during the fight with Queen Beryl, Sailor Cibi Moon is given a gun (albeit a fake one) and points it at Usagi's head, The Witches 5 steal hearts while the Dark Moon Trio/Amazoness Quartet/Queen Nehelenia steal dreams by stealing innocent people's dream mirrors much in the way you would rip people's lives hearts right out of their chests,
Hotaru/Sailor Saturn eats hearts, Prince Endymion very nearly kills Princess Serenity when he's placed under Queen Beryl's spell and let us not forget the ever popular storylines:

Michiru (Sailor Neptune) and Amara (Sailor Uranus) being lesbians (or in the Americanized version "close kissing cousins).

And the ever controversial:

Prince Demando kidnapping Usagi/Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity/Neo Queen Serenity and very nearly RAPING her!!!

(Yes, yes, a series for children indeed...)

3. Sailor Stars: Sailors Star Fighter, Star Maker, and the third (can't remember his/her name...so sorry..) changing from guys to girls and Sailor Moon being nude for most (if not all...) of the last episode... 'nuff said there.

Then there's borderline Hentai (Porn Cartoons for those who are non-anime speakers) such as:

1. Steel Angel Kurumi
2. Chobits
3. A LOT of parts of the Tenchi Muyo universe

And the list goes on.

Oh yes, ALL cartoons are meant for children...hmmm...

Oh and there ARE a LOT of dark and gritty American cartoons as well...all you need do is look online and you'll find them.
Is this shit for real
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I miss the time when the show was good
I don't see a thread for the Bird of Prey movey but the title says all Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) no that really is the name but makes me pissed off is they will fuck up Black Mask (I like that villain) characterization, to those who know DC comics and Black Mask better than me: Would he actually work with Zsasz let alone make him his lieutenant like in this movie

Overly Serious

I have seen the trailer for that movie and it looks like it might be the worst movie of 2020. There is literally only one thing about it I want to see and that is the hyenas.

To answer your question, yes - he could work with Zsasz. Zsasz has done hitman work on occasion as well as just being a normal-ish (but very successful) serial killer. Black Mask is apparently going to be bi- or something in this, though. What I hate most about this movie (which is yet to come out) is that it will continue the attitude of Harley's victimhood equating to moral superiority and lack of any consequences. Also that it will be more "lolrandom" Harley. Two things which the cartoon hasn't indulged itself in which is why I like it.


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I just caught up with this show.

I can't tell whether I liked it because it's funny and well-written, or I'm just easily amused hearing DC characters casually say "shit" and "fuck". (The truth is probably somewhere in the middle if I'm being honest.)

Here are some thoughts:

-The girl playing Harley is fine. Nobody beats the woman the role was literally written for, but she's significantly better than Margot Robbie or Tara Strong. Most of what I like about her character has already been said in this thread though, so moving on.

-So they made Ivy a radical left-wing eco terrorist in this show, one who doesn't even see what she does as being "evil". She's been portrayed as that before, nothing new. What is new, for me at least, is I don't hate this character. Like at all. Surprisingly, I find her to be fairly relatable, go figure.
Also yeah, like everyone else here, I'm glad they didn't go the lesbo route.

-Doctor Psycho is (to probably nobody's surprise if you know me) my favorite character in this. When he called Wonder Woman a cunt, and got fucking *canceled* for it, by a group of evil supervillains no less, I knew I was going to be enjoying this show. It helps that he did all that while being a character who sounds like low-budget Andy Dick. (So... I guess while sounding like actual Andy Dick.)

-The other members of the crew are fine. I don't get all the King Shark hate. Effeminate gay black man voice or not, he consistently makes me laugh. Clayface, not so much, but he isn't bad or anything.

-Diedrich Bader is still great as Batman, even if it is a bit of a mindfuck hearing him essentially play the same character, pretty much the same way, in two shows as wildly different in tone as this and Batman the Brave and the Bold are. It totally works for both though. Conroy is still king.

-Unlike a lot of you, I think Alan Tudyk is passable as Joker. This is obviously nowhere near the level of Mark Hammil (let's face it, nobody is), ok so it kind of sounds like somebody trying and spectacularly failing to imitate Hammil, but I've heard a lot worse. At least he's copying from the best.

-I LOVE Gus Fring as Luthor. Brilliant casting choice. Give this guy a spinoff please!

-I'm not entirely sure why Bane is this show's buttmonkey, but it's really funny. Bonus points for giving him the Tom Hardy voice.

-As several have noted, this show is clearly cribbing a lot from Venture Brothers, but that isn't a bad thing.

-Kiteman, hell yeah. What the fuck? Why do I love this guy now.

-If I had to give a negative criticism, the art style really doesn't do much for me. There's a reason why I've been talking how most of these characters *sound* and not how they look.

-I wouldn't mind seeing a shared universe pop up with more of these characters and with this same "mature" tone.

-I can't tell whether this show is laughing with or at the social justards yet, and that's ended up biting me in the ass before... but I'll be keeping up with it for now.


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So they made Ivy a radical left-wing eco terrorist in this show, one who doesn't even see what she does as being "evil". She's been portrayed as that before, nothing new. What is new, for me at least, is I don't hate this character. Like at all. Surprisingly, I find her to be fairly relatable, go figure.
Also yeah, like everyone else here, I'm glad they didn't go the lesbo route.
I think part of the reason why I've always loved Ivy so much is her far-left moral high horse attitude about things without ever understanding the irony behind it. Her being such an sjw is the root cause of her own social isolation. I like that this show touches on that.

I don't mind if she and Harley ever become a thing like they have been in the past. Ivy's sexuality in the comics, after all, seems to change depending on who is writing her. The problem I'd have here would be the lack of triangle dynamics between Ivy-Harley-Joker that was present in the pre-reboot comics. I think there it actually worked and had some emotional weight to it. This is, of course, before CURRENT YEAR comics where Harley and Ivy slept around with each other constantly without any real conflict to make their relationship compelling.


'Memba when Harley was a ditzy, clumsy doofus perky girl who was once a brilliant psychologist before Joker broke her? Memba when she wasn't a THOTclown designed to appeal to thirsty comic autists?
Correct me if I'm wrong but the first "independent" interpretation of Harley I can remember is this.


Overly Serious

No, she was literally designed by Timm's raging boner.
However, she was charming and wasn't elevated to some crazy level of moral justification because she was an abuse victim, which is what they did in the comics. To the point that they one time even had her murdering babies and the reader was still meant to find her sympathetic. She was a total fetish creature when she first appeared (as much as a kid's cartoon would allow), but we weren't expected to think of her as a hero. That's always been my beef with Harley Quinn's newer iterations. SJWs use as this strong empowered role-model when she's a psycho-bitch. That's what I like in this cartoon - I'm not forced to endure being told how everything she does is right when she's plainly a bad guy. SJW's couldn't understand a sympathetic villain - they had to make her flawless and right.

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z-list super villan .
my verdict so far now that we are 10 episodes in : is alright.

let me elaborate:
the show is in the vein of The tick,Flaming Carrot(MysteryMen) or Venture bros but more toned down( might have to do with the showrunner being the co-creator of the Big Bazinga theory) However where it shines is not in the world but like those show in the ridiculous characters that inhabit this world. honestly they might not be as fleshed out as Dr.O or Arthur, they are memorable archetypes(I love Kite man) that i do find amusing (not Laugh out loud but more of a snicker ). the fact of the matter is they aren't treading new ground but they do the best with what they got . if you want something witty and hilarious I suggest to check out their contemporaries, this is more of a kinda chill turn your brain off Adult swim filler show.

Tl DR : Watch it if you have that Venture Bros itch and you really can't wait a full 3-5 years for the next season .
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Watched the first ep the other night. It reminded me so much of Venture Bros I had to check to see if anyone from that show was involved. Found it funny the only two remotely woke jokes, one of which One Angry Gamer is STILL bitching about, came from The Joker. Almost as if he's a character that likes to take the piss or something but I don't have my own website so what do I know? As for the show they probably need to tone down the edginess a bit but aside from that, I really liked it.