Harvard Drops Harvey Weinstein Lawyer as a Faculty Dean - Another win for the court of public opinion.


Professional Niggo
But I didn't say "yet" you damn misquoting bastard, and I can't go looking up exactly what laconic means in case that makes what you said makes sense!

But yeah, exactly. It does feel like the tide of public opinion is turning against this nonsense though, so I'm more hopeful than i've been for a long time about it...
Damn it man, a man's life is at stake here....man!!!

Oh it's becoming quite the mob mentality from the antifa fucks that we'll be seeing kangaroo courts if they ever somehow stopped chugging soylent and ate meat and became sexual tyrannosauruses like Blaine.
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cleaning up the mean streets
If this is the example Harvard is going to set for its students, I wouldn't want one of them representing me in court.
Harvard has been entirely overrun by bureaucrats. Most of the people that actually do their jobs have either peaced out, are peacing out, or are close enough to retirement to grind out the last few years in obscurity without raising too much of a fuss.

The sad part about bureaucrats is that they bend over for where they think the money is coming from, the rich parents and the kids. Back in the day you could attempt to plant explosives under the main administration building, be found out, told to go cool the fuck off for a year and then come back and finish your degree. Now they bend to the whim of whiny kids on one hand, while working on kicking out all the classes and dorms over to Allston, so that the bureaucrats have the yard to themselves, so they can show it off all pristine to the visiting parents.

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