Has Amber impacted your life personally? - She gets to be an inspiration like she always wanted.

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Since AL is the perfect guide on what not to do, has watching Amber helped you make changes in your life or view yourself differently? Have you ever brought her up to other people or talked about her with friends? Has seeing how she treats others made you reevaluate your own interpersonal relationships? Or do you just pronounce shit weird and watch too many YouTube videos about her?

wow this was the laziest bait yet, I’m actually kinda impressed by how many people took it seriously.:drink:
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She, among other deathfats from this forum, desensitized me to morbidly obese people - now when I see fat acceptance or bopo bullshit online with "smallfats" my first thought usually is "well it's not so bad" - even though it is. Yes, they are smaller than Al, and probably still can relatively easy turn their lives around, but they are still obese.

It's like a car crash, it's awful but I can't look away. *sigh*

I also learned lots of fun facts about "those crazy 'muricans, y'all". :biggrin:


Oh yeah. Her eating puts me off of greasy food and large portions. It makes me want to shove vegetables into my mouth every time I see her pop up. Good news is I lost twenty pounds so far by cutting calories, so she makes for a great motivator. Keep on eating yourself to death, ALR. At least you can encourage people to not follow in your footsteps.


I've mentioned her to a few people but two things happen:

1) Either I can't convey the nuance or people can't grasp it. At least for me, my fascination/repulsion isn't that she's so obese, it's that she's so incredibly lazy, half-asses everything but still makes money, lies shamelessly and just moves on with no long-term humiliation over being caught, the manipulation of her victims, just all of it. She's a walking cluster B.

2) I end up sounding like a lunatic.

Re: pronouncing shit weird, I've found myself saying wommart and I want to slap myself for it.


"ALR has impacted my life in the following ways":
A maybe infected/ infested word crept into my vocabulary. I suddenly told my friend "We have a situation here!" when I had brought a stray dog home and needed to find a possible owner. They were somewhat irritated and amused, not knowing where that came from. Of course we now have lots of sichuayshuns. But most of the time it's fun.
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She's begun to haunt my dreams at night. The mispronunciations, the demands for food, being forced to smell and touch the beast. She is the harbinger of the old ones, her laayghs are the key to the great door. Once unleashed the tearing of our minds shall seal our fate and oblivion is all that awaits us.

I haven't slept in weeks.

But on the bright side I've never been healthier. Gotta get fit to fight an old god!

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I can see how someone who's overweight or eats crap too often might be inspired to make changes after seeing the deplorable state she's in (which is great and I'm happy for y'all), but I think everything else is kind of going too far tbh. If you're starting to dream about her, to talk like her and to talk about her irl to people who have no clue who she is... that's a bit much

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No, not really. I mean aside from encouraging me to do a couple extra minutes on the tread mills Or pump a little harder at the gym. I admit I horde her videos for watching at the gym when I’m doing cardio. The only meaningful impact she has had on me is that fitspo motivation, lol.

Oh, and also I never really eat out - but by god if by some weird reason I ever find myself in a Cheesecake Factory (never been but super curious) you know my ass is going to order that orange chicken. Lmaooooo


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I mean, all car crashes I see remind me to drive carefully.

That said, if/when I want to feel like I'm better than other people, I'd do things I'd think a good person would do. Go volunteer or whatever. Give to charity. Rescue kittens.

I wouldn't spend my time gossiping about trainwrecks, mocking the mentally limited, and grossing myself out over deathfats. Since these are the primary reasons I follow ALR, I can't say she inspires me, exactly. But I guess she's had an impact insofar as she's great to gossip about, mock, and be grossed out by, all in one convenient oversized package.
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