Has Amber impacted your life personally? - She gets to be an inspiration like she always wanted.


This whole trainwreck just makes me so glad I don't live in burgerland anymore. I see ALR and all the people like her and it's like looking back at the wasteland of stupidity, poverty, and poor personal life choices you escaped from. That feeling of pity because you know that neither her, or any of the other whales in orbit know any better, have never known better, and will die (in a few years) thinking "this is fine".

But then I remember she's also a Grade A Cunt and manipulator and that pity goes away, back to eating popcorn and enjoying the full on fat collision unfolding in front of my eyes. So, not all that inspirational at all.


geh odahviing, hin koraav ahst zu'u ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
being nicer to my friends and wondering if orange chicken is really tht good...
To an extent. I don't watch Amber all to often because she has three basic styles of video.

1) Gorrl gonna do it this time. A successful plan is put into action. (While shopping for junk food)
2) Gorrl put on weight. Another diet flung on the rubbish heap of past failures. (While eating said junk food)
3) Mukbang.

She's a great example of how not to loose weight though, so it has made me a little more conscientious of what I eat.

Amber's battle with her weight is perfectly illustrated in this clip. She is the White Whale, she is Captain Ahab.

Haesindang Park

She made me more prepared in the field of healthcare than before because when you look at the stats, patients are younger and fatter than before. When you ask them about their occupations, you shouldn't laugh when they say they're YouTube stars though that's tempting. Also more important to know is that YouTube for the most part wasn't meant to be a career and that is what I learned from Amber. If you try to make YouTube a career, be prepared to be criticized or even ridiculed.

Also important to know that thanks to Amber, you don't have to watch My 600 Pound Life to find morbidly obese people. YouTube already has some of those. If you want to watch some literal freak shows for free without leaving home, YouTube is your friend.

beautiful person

Lmao, no. She's just another lolcow to laugh at. I was plenty aware of young deathfats (like the Slatons) before her, so even that isn't impactful.
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bag o' bones
I mean I've got more to drunkenly laugh and point at now, that's a big plus.
New acts in the freakshow are always appreciated!

I would say I'm more productive, too. Seeing her have no skills, no hobbies or interests, and doing fuckall but eating really motivated me to take on extra projects, pick back up on old hobbies I'd grown bored with, and learn new skills.
Currently I'm teaching myself to speak French.

Rigor Meowtis

Good thing I don't know how to read
I find food addiction interesting, as it’s becoming more preveilent in western countries, especially in the US with our fast food culture. Watching her has kind of helped me push in that direction.

But then I realize I have to work with manipulative, spoiled, death fats who cry because they can’t gorge themselves on McDonald’s anymore.
die null

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