Has Amber impacted your life personally? - She gets to be an inspiration like she always wanted.


Don't mind me. Just farming corn and gay hops.
If you wonder how much Amber is impacting your life, you can use the following equation to estimate it:

F = G * (m1 * m2) / r^2

  • F is the Amber impact force;
  • G is the gravitational constant (6.674×10−11 N · (m/kg)2);
  • m1 is Ambers mass that → ∞, while time t → ∞;
  • m2 is your mass;
  • r is the distance between your and Ambers doxxes.
Based on this equation if we can't stop null from feeding Amberlynn her weight will start twisting the space time continuum and that will bring Hitler back. May god help us all.


Racist Cunt
Amber is that one cow I just constantly laugh at like DSP level but way more.

My one office colleague I introduced to and we do some mannerisms between each other like gorl and chin dab with call each other boo boo when asking about lunch break.

Other than that way more cautious around food and lost like 40lbs, yeah this thread is a powerlevel but you guys are great.


like a floof bomb in your face
I’ve had dreams where I am trapped with Amber and Becky as their slave. I usually manage to escape, at least. Mostly because I run and Amber can’t even walk.

On another note, I appreciate more how much my partner cares for me and vice versa. We at least like each other unlike Amber and Becks.

Emotional Prolapse

I just like watching skinsuits suffer
This entire thread is exceptional but fuck it, so am I. Honestly, she's made me more aware of how I treat my partner. The way she treats Becky (and Rickie) has grossed me out so much I find myself going out of my way to help the boothang out with difficult or unpleasant tasks he might otherwise take on alone.

ALR and I both live in the Kentucky heat and unrelenting humidity, and Mr. Emotional Prolapse is the kind of guy to do stuff without being asked and without asking for help. Watching Rickie and Becky sweat in the heat and knowing they never get a break from those duties because Amber and Eric can't or won't hold up their share of household duties makes me feel sick, and lately I find myself "sneaking" around to beat my BF to certain chores he would otherwise do before I got to them.

The idea of being the ALR or the Eric of one's relationship is a horrifying one indeed, and lately it has me regularly waking up early to beat him to the lawn-mowing duties. Thanks for being such an inspiration, Amber!

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