Has Amber impacted your life personally? - She gets to be an inspiration like she always wanted.


Yep. I don’t eat orange chicken anymore. Oh, and as someone from the south, I’m more careful about how I pronounce Wal Mart.
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I mean sometimes I tell my mom weird shit about her (she officially knows her as "fat lady that can't cook") but that's about it.

And to all y'all saying you'd get the orange chicken for the meme: get the Thai lettuce wraps too!
Like goddamn those things are good
And don't forget the cheesecake, splurge!


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Taught me how to cook.

I’m not kidding. The combination of what NOT to do from her plus the advice (and occasional powerlevels) of genuine cooks changed me from a freshmanesque microwave masterchef to someone who cooks at minimum two hearty, flavorful meals a day. Her channel shows you exactly what can happen if you rely on buffets and Panda Express, and if the only thing you’re willing to make on your own is a plain baked potato and frozen sausage, well that’s no good either. Her nasty cooking is one thing I can’t laugh at because I’ve been there done that, but I’m glad that I know better now, even if I was inspired to learn by a crazy fat cow and her stalkers.


Just a Karen with a hate hard on
She has affected my perception of fatties. She has become the extreme end of my mental scale of ‘deathfatness’.
Every fatty I see go by or better yet; SCOOT by me, I ponder where they fit (pun intended) on the land whale scale.

mostly I get to talk online to you assholes which is fucking amazing.


The feels are too real.
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She made my teeth and brain hurt and makes me weep for humanity as it increases my existential crisis tenfold wondering how the fuck is she this fat and stupid but not yet dead. It truly makes you wonder if there is a just and merciful God.

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Honestly? I'm thinking about what I eat and how much more often. The fact that she's about the same age as me gives me the whole "window into hell" thing. I'm not obese but I could stand to lose weight. Watching her slide from obese to deathfat was kinda scary.
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Made me recapitulate my own sentiment and behavior towards obese people in general.
Found out, that there is nothing wrong with me. I still hate 'em fat oxygen wasters, all of them.

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