Has anyone seen evidence of glowposting? -

ProgKing of the North

you can check out the christchurch happening thread here on kf, i'm pretty sure it's in there somewhere, but it's a long ass thread so im not gonna dig through it again. might also be in some other 8chan related thread here, i dont remember
Also if you do dig through that thread be careful not to cut yourself on all the edge

Lone MacReady

Golden Experience Holocaust
Everyone talks about glowies, but no one talks about those prior spooks who hate the government and like visiting sites such as kiwi farms.


Autismus Prime
If I was one of them, what I would do is post subtle stuff that would make other posters reveal some "questionable" things about their worldviews, then got their IPs (and don't tell me about VPNs, they have ways to get around that) and track their every online action.

Now excuse me, I hear someone banging at my door.