Has KiwiFarms ever covered a murderer in a thread? -

I Love Beef

I'm sure everyone else just might have better threads than me, but here's an example I could come up with:

This thread was a literal spectacle when it came about a few years ago. 4chan cam girl and prescription drug addict gets killed by a family friend's son in a horrifying fashion. Dig hard enough, you'll come across some momentary users who knew the cam girl. Null even got emails from the police department asking to take down the photos. Of course Dear Leader said "lol no" and upheld truth, freedom and justice for all.

also edit, heads up, nsfw and extremely graphic.


Genderfear - Thee/Thine
From what I've seen it's far more common to see lolcows with pre-existing threads get charged with manslaughter through criminal negligence or intention to commit harm, with full-blown premeditated murder being a rarity, largely due to ego and incompetence. Dylan Hafertepen comes to mind with his current killrate of three dead (one from suicide and two from sillicone ball injections that were deemed voluntary despite him basically running a gay bdsm cult and forcing his members to comply), and there was that Russian guy who threw his girlfriend out in the cold in a tank top and she froze to death (or maybe she OD'd, I forget exactly what the determination was on that). A certain Simba Lion (there are two listed in Animal Control, one is still alive and active) commited suicide by cop after attempting to murder a couple of officers for no real reason and they returned fire, and another furry by the name of DangerDoberman got arrested for attempted murder after getting charged with dogfucking or something.

There are definitely lolcow murderers, most are just incomptent as fuck and either broadcast their plans prematurely for clout and get the FBI kicking down their door or kill people on a whim or by mistake or by proxy instead.

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