Has Kiwifarms made you more paranoid over what you do online? -


Despite being one of the most lenient places on it, ofc. Reading about how easily others fuck up makes me watch myself a little more than I used to, even though nothing I've done would equal even a tenth of Chris's insanity or Phil's tardery.

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No, but it has made me notice powerleveling a lot more. It's actually disgusting how many people do it online and off. Nothing wrong with talking a bit about yourself in proper conversations but niggas are way to desperate for whatever validation they're expecting to get out of it.

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Ohhh, party pooper. Absolutely no cake for you!
I think in all honesty that it has to the point where I just deleted all of my other online accounts besides KF. I noticed I power leveled a lot during Highschool and that’s just gross. Thank god I’m not into any weird fetish shit that I unabashedly share like some of the weirdos here.

Plus KF is just cozy and despite the whole point of the site being analyzing, researching, cyber bullying and laughing at people, it’s probably one of the less toxic sites.


For as long as I'm on the internet I don't post anything compromising. On social media I just post my art, keep clean of drama and do some minor "I like what everybody likes" stuff. Sometimes I feel like a double agent.
The trick is to stay mindful of what you say and how you say it. It also helps to write replies out in a text editor and let them sit for a few moments. More often than not I end up deleting the message and move on.


Maybe not more paranoid but more conscious about what i say out there. Its surprisingly easy and tempting to powerlevel so i try to avoid doing so. Ive already given too much info already about my geolocation and if some people knew my other online alterego or me in real could figure out who i am.

But as pointed out earlier, just dont do anything that would warrant someone trying to dox you and you'll be fine.


A little bit, yeah. Less so about what I do on the internet then just as a general guide for how not to be a retard. Something I put 'would the farms bully me for this' into my 'is this an awful idea' check. Similar to 'would I want what I am about to be on the front page of the newspaper'. Somehow you retards as a moral compass survive better when I am drunk than most others.