Has Kiwifarms made you more paranoid over what you do online? -


Despite being one of the most lenient places on it, ofc. Reading about how easily others fuck up makes me watch myself a little more than I used to, even though nothing I've done would equal even a tenth of Chris's insanity or Phil's tardery.


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Not greatly but I've become a bit more conscientious and I hardly ever post anything questionable on my social media. Generally I try to behave and show courtesy on the Internet as if it were in real life. Otherwise I'd look like a complete coward.

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A little I guess but I'd already long since nuked any personal social media before I registered. I've never been prone to uploading selfies or anything too personal so it's not like there was much to begin with.
Thankfully, my mother is a paranoid weirdo and she passed that onto me.

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To answer this question personally, I would say it's 50/50. I agree with the power leveling point people are making and that is true. But a point people I don't see being made is that on here you can still be held accountable by people that will criticize you but it's not like a de-platforming refugee site where people harbor extremism over time because they only hear one point of view and are not ridiculed if its wrong but you won't be totally de-platformed at least on here for saying something that would be rather overzealous on a certain topic or person.


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I've started using a VPN but beyond that shit like using different names, emails, and passwords, and just trying not to sperg out hard enough for somebody to go digging have always been part of my online browsing habits.


Nah, I've always been some what cautious when it comes to that sort of thing so for me at least lurking the farms has been far more enjoyable rather than eye opening.


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The opposite actually. I came here to sperg about politics and say "wrong" things that'd get me cancelled on social media.

My socials are all vanilla and I rarely post on them. I've thought about purging them multiple times but realized that it'd be less suspicious to keep them up so people can see I'm just a normie who likes an anime or two and walk away. Being boring in public is pretty much the best insurance against doxxing and cancellation; why target a nobody, that won't rack up likes or karma or retweets. I'd also suggest making all your usernames on various sites different, it's harder to track your cross-platform activity that way.

What KF has made me a lot more paranoid about is privacy. I used to browse this site on Chrome lol, now I use Brave or Tor.


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I'm not a internet refugee who cant mingle with the normies because I'm not a long gone edgy faggot.

But Ive never been concerned about ending up on the farms. I'm more concerned with pissing off a Twitter mob, a Troon mob, a Muslim mob, or crossing some psychopath with thousands of Sock accounts.

Because to be honest the worst the farms does is dox your ass and then you have a bunch of Kiwis pointing and laughing at you in the forum. Kiwis dont really brigade. Kiwis mainly only throw your own shit in your face, but the mobs I stated above are the people that will harass you on all social media and harass your family and will never let up until you disappear for good or kys.


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I am not paranoid at all and never were. So you can go and tell your (((lizard))) masters that they should fuck off and stop with the (((electricity))) hijinks and I can see those glowing niggers in the night and basically I am immune to your jew magic


Even in my younger days when I was susceptible to provocation, I wouldn't have been worthy of attention but KF has made me more aware of how bad things can go if you don't control yourself online and to not talk about yourself too much.
And don't let autists online unless you want to bring back freak shows.


I think the thread about safety A B C of the internetz has been generally good advice for me (like about using emails that cant track back to you and shit that I actually didnt think about) but I guess the big safety thing is indeed being literal nobody and not being retard by giving too much info of yourself, linking accounts with your photo on your KF account and keeping shit separated etc.

Then there are things I have learn from hellsites (twitter, tumblr) I tend to do sometimes like occasionally lie about my identity to mislead crazy people and keep shit vague.

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Despite being one of the most lenient places on it, ofc. Reading about how easily others fuck up makes me watch myself a little more than I used to, even though nothing I've done would equal even a tenth of Chris's insanity or Phil's tardery.
As long as you're not the kind of idiot who uses the exact same username on every site or has their accounts tied to their business email, I think you'll be fine, unless you're a pedo or an animal fucker, in which case then you had it coming. But yeah, if so much as anyone finding out you once said the N-word, even sarcastically anywhere, you're fucked, especially if you're an urban brit.