Has Tommy read Principia Discordia? -

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@Miss Tommie Jayne Wasserberg, have you ever read or head of the Principia Discordia? From what I gather, it's just upthere with the Jews did 911 other hippy California-burbs, gonzo, wishy-thinking, '60s psychedelic stuff. The book was written by two deceased hippies: Greg Hill and Kerry Wendell Thornley. It's meant to be 'mixed media' with portions made out of clip art and photographed handwriting. The intent of the book is to communicate a coded message about how the US has been captured by evil doers; the exact message and culprit is up to interpretation. If you're a skip the end type, this is undoughtable a ridiculous book written on a collection of different drugs with no coherent purpose. But it might still be funny.

What made me think of Tommy in connection to Discordia was how Tommy always blames the 'international banker gangsters' for capitalism and other problems with the world.
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First time I've heard about this, but I don't understand why you'd think that he had read it just because he blames the "banksters". Don't many people already do that?