Hasan Piker / HasanAbi - Young Turk, Twitch Streamer, Stunlocked Brogressive, Cenk's Nephew

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All Similarities are Coincidental
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Hasan Piker / HasanAbi
Hasan Piker, 29, is a Twitch streamer and political activist affiliated with the progressive TYT (The Young Turks) that has garnered a repution for being an edgy "Brocialist," "Brogressive," and "Bernie-bro." A self-described progressive socialist, his career started when he began interning and later being a producer with his uncle's TYT programs. Cenk Uygher played a significant role in launching Hasan into the media's eye. Despite being associated with a group of Lolcows, Hasan deserves his own thread due to his signifcant online presence/popularity and becoming a lone streamer building his own brand. Born in America and raised in Istanbul, Turkey, Hasan has a unique perspective on Islam. He considers himself to be a secular Muslim, Himbo, self described "Ameriboo", and "not very smart" man. That does not stop Hasan from walking into several traps on stream that show how poorly he can defend his political viewpoints. He hosted a Facebook exclusive series through TYT called "The Breakdown" that was met with mixed reviews.

Why I’m Worried About Buttigieg​

Screenshot from 2021-07-22 16-08-28.png

(Youtube link)

His list of controversies could run long, but his most controversial statement was his Dan Crenshaw segment where he referred to "brave" Mujahadeen fighters shoving their dick inside Crenshaw's eye socket and following it up with, "America deserved 9/11, dude." Hasan was suspended from Twitch for a week and issued a half-assed apology on TYT when he needed his uncle to help him.

The Young Turks's Hasan Piker says a “brave fucking” terrorist “fucked the eye hole” of Dan Crenshaw​

(Youtube link)

Crenshaw Responds To Young Turks' Hasan Piker's "America Deserves 9/11" Comments​

(Youtube link)

Luckily for Hasan, his uncle was there to pull his fat out of the fire and he had to engage in a 20 minute public shaming session. It's uncomfortable to watch, but his sadgeface gives me the strength to carry on

Hasan Piker Addresses Online Comments​

Screenshot from 2021-07-22 16-32-19.png

(Youtube link)
Notice how he defends himself saying, "I said America deserves 9/11, not Americans." Then proceeds to blame Americans, Israel, and defends the actual people/funders who flew the planes into the towers. There is no mention of his Mujahideen comment
Screenshot from 2021-07-22 16-34-36.png
Screenshot from 2021-07-22 16-32-28.png

Hasan's other lolcowish activities take the form of thirst about him or his thirst for others. It's just one big thirst trap. Hasan was involved with a pornographic actress(archive), but has maintained a single life despite his wishes and attempts. Here is the lady with Hasan's dog.
Screenshot from 2021-07-22 17-05-09.png

He is an open AOC simp and has tried to woo her to no avail.
Screenshot from 2021-07-22 16-53-48.png
Screenshot from 2021-07-22 16-54-11.png

Screenshot from 2021-07-22 17-10-47.png
Screenshot from 2021-07-22 17-10-22.png
Screenshot from 2021-07-22 17-10-13.png

AOC is not the only one, he will thirst after many E-thots and it's pretty funny. He is clearly an awkward guy and admits to being the "outcast" as a kid. It wasn't until he started working out and looking like a Chad that he started having the ladies come after him. The result is pretty hilarious.

There is a compilation of womyn thirsting over Hasan too, but he likes to walk away and just let the video play like a true react streamer does

Hasanabi Reacts To hasMods Compilation / H3H3 Wingmans Hasan for Alinity​

(Youtube link) (Youtube link)​

Despite his political convictions, he's not a particularly adept debater. He admits that he does not debate because he's not the sharpest whip and he sometimes says dumb things. I agree. Here he is discussing Oli London, a Lolcow who is transracial - an Englishlad identifying as a Korean. He responds to Oli with anger, claiming his identity undermines the identity of transgendered people. This is one of the many times he engages with his chat in a rage. This usually results in a banning spree for anyone who asks a question or argues with him in any way that contradicts his opinion or makes him uncomfortable. I've seen him go on a near half-hour ban spree but I'm sure there have been longer.

Hasanabi Reacts To "Caucasian to Asian: My Jaw Bone Surgery To Look Korean | HOOKED ON THE LOOK"​

(Youtube link)
When our Turkish crusader is not undermining examining his own arguments with the real life the internet he engages in gladiatorial combat with his chat. As mentioned earlier, Hasan will go on a tirade reprimanding his chat for all sorts of things. These outbursts are common enough that his community refers to his chat-focused rage as a "stunlock." These outbursts can be triggered by: Deadnaming, arguing, coming off as a Tr*mp supporter, coming off as a liberal, saying something good about Israel, saying something but about Turkey (sans Edrogan), pro-police speak, or just generally disagreeing with him when he's a little angry. As a result, the Hasan community is very meticulously crafted and constantly pruned from wrongthink

Deadnaming stunlock (Rage at 6:46) / Hasan Self Stunlocks (VERY RARE)​

(Youtube link) (Youtube link)​

Hasanabi 1 hour stunlock did Symfuhny say it? (Drama) / hasanabi stunlocked for an hour​

(Youtube link) (Youtube link)​
Screenshot from 2021-07-22 22-27-28.png
Screenshot from 2021-07-22 22-24-31.png

Then there is Hasan's community. I won't lie, his community has some meme bangers every now and then - similar to /r/wallstreetbets. Unfortunately, it is usually cringe memes about how they follow Hasan's "Chadvice" to seem educated and woo the womyn.
Screenshot from 2021-07-22 22-53-46.png
Screenshot from 2021-07-22 16-47-48.png

Screenshot from 2021-07-22 22-53-31.png
Screenshot from 2021-07-22 16-45-01.png

And the rest of his Twitter if pretty meh
Screenshot from 2021-07-22 22-57-23.png
Screenshot from 2021-07-22 22-58-33.png

The last venue I will take you to is Hasan's series called "Chadvice." It is a series centered around former internet goblins who have reformed and can offer advice to the internet uggos. Most of these videos are 3-5 hours long, so here is a half hour clip of Hasan's dating guide. Not all of his advice is bad, tbh, but a lot of it is through the lense of a brogressive himbo and the perspective is clearly evident a few minutes into his advice. Overall, he's not leading the lemmings off of cliffs though. All things considered, I consider his Chadvice segments to be among his best work because some people probably need to hear obvious social rules to be a little less of a sped. He gives one piece of advice I will repeat: Learn how to oral sex the woman (or man). It's crucial advice that anyone with experience will tell you.

Chadvice: 7 Rules For Dating - An Antidote to Inceldom​

(Youtube link)

In conclusion, Hasan Piker is a brogressive streamer that has a wacky personality and a highly curated community. The consequences of this are mixtures of cringe, bad hot takes, AOC stanning, and attracting E-Thots. He's prone to fly into tard rage at chat and on people he disagrees with, similar to Vaush but a little more tolerable in my humble correct opinion. Whenever he strays a little too far over the edge he'll have Uncle Cenk to have him whip himself infront of the progressive hoards. I'm not sure if Hasan will ever be cancelled, but if it happens TYT will spin into insane damage control. While he focuses on countering the right and changing the hearts and minds of the young internet netizens, he seems to be constantly stunlocked by chat and spouting himbo insanity about how the socialists can still win.

I just remembered one last tidbit, Hasan was also featured on Alex Jones. Here is Hasan's reaction. It's priceless. If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favor.

Alex Jones Did a Segment on ME?!?!​

(Youtube link)

Find your local Turkish Commune here: Twitter (archive) - Twitch (archive) - Instagram - Youtube (archive) - Reddit (archive)

Screenshot from 2021-07-22 23-19-53.png
Screenshot from 2021-07-22 23-14-54.png
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All Similarities are Coincidental
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wait he doesn't have a thread already? if so that is super shocking
I could have sworn he had a thread but apparently not, so I made the thread similar how I imagined/hallucinated it
Anyways I wanted to post this video in the thread and make fun of his Cuba views

Everything the Media GOT WRONG about Cuba​

(Youtube link)
It's really funny how he refers to the protests as "a few people." The amount of backflips he makes is awesome, going as far to bash the Cubans who escaped Cubas :story:

Mr Moonface

2611 N Oakland Ave (Downstairs) Milwaukee WI 53211
Personality-wise he's a left-wing Cernovich, and a champagne socialist to boot. I'm surprised he hasn't put out a book yet as his cult of dullards would certainly buy it.

He also has an on-again, off-again antagonistic rivalry with Destiny, another streamer who has a thread on here.
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Lieutenant Rasczak

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This loud cunt finally has a thread. He's essentially the leftist version of what libs considered Rush Limbaugh to be like back in the days. He's loud, obnoxious, and an insufferable cunt. Even a few breadliners I know don't like him because he's essentially a giant tard who doesn't know when to shut his fat fucking mouth.


What'll it be, boys?
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This loud cunt finally has a thread. He's essentially the leftist version of what libs considered Rush Limbaugh to be like back in the days. He's loud, obnoxious, and an insufferable cunt. Even a few breadliners I know don't like him because he's essentially a giant tard who doesn't know when to shut his fat fucking mouth.
He's such a dunce he needs Cenk to run interference for him. CENK.
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ya'll often get the deets wrong
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Nice job!
There is some other stuff as well.

Hasan Piker / Hasanabi in a dress

Hasan has a degree in political science, and barely made a passing gpa in his senior year.
Here he is failing a geography test

Other things of note is hasan's massive temper-tard rage, which causes him to break his computer and set up occasionally. Although I dont have any clips of this at the moment, but he has extreme tard rage, that he now hides.
one example:

Hasan exploits his editor
Another thing is how Hasan is supposedly a communist, but exploited his editor, and didnt pay them and offering them a job as a full time editor but didnt give it to them. Hasan only did after this caused another scandal for him
https://www.reddit.com/r/Hasan_Piker/comments/e1ibqe/hasan_exploited_my_labour_for_youtube_videos/ (archive)
reddit post by the editor

hasan paid the editor after this.

article about the event https://www.dexerto.com/entertainme...ditor-after-exploitation-accusations-1291649/ (archive)
another article https://dotesports.com/streaming/news/hasan-accused-of-exploiting-youtube-editor-responds (archive)

Dms of the editor and Hasan
https://imgur.com/a/mgBrhUd (archive)

Another thing is Hasan's cross over with Destiny, another lolcow. Hasan and Destiny used to be friends and appeared together in a debate with Sargon and Nick Feuntes.

Hasan used destiny for clout, but turned on destiny bc of Destiny's opinion on saying Nigger, and used that to stab destiny in the back and gain clout from more radical twitch streamers.
This is a decent documentary of that

Other thing is his constant use of Stalinist Iconography, despite being the result of nepotism, and a millionaire.
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