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Jul 27, 2017
A certain imageboard has just discovered Colorado's village idiot. Try melding a 30-something South Asian Jaden Smith and Inmendham together and feed him a steady dose of DMT, and you'd have Hash C. Borgir (real name Atir Javid), owner of The Stoned Apes and Psychedelics Daily.

His blog is host to a dog's breakfast of fragmented thoughts and meandering, half-baked ideas. Here's a sample post on his main site doubting the notion that human beings have thoughts:

There are many entries on his blog like this, but I'll just link to some of the highlights:
  • People Don't Want to Face the Truth (an IM conversation)
  • Thought Produces Series of Static Images
  • Feminism is The Natural Thought Process
  • DMT Ponderings
Curiously and presumably unlike most of his contemporaries, he's also against "Cultural Marxism" and "Social Justice". Not something I'd expect from a guy who wrote any of the above.

When he's not writing turgid logorrhea, he's Tweeting bad jokes and updates to dead Facebook links.
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Jul 27, 2017
Please provide more content and archive the links.
I've updated the OP with some archived links. For some reason, Psychedelics Daily isn't archiving, but the others were.

Apparently, he's had some trouble on social media.

And now, for more choice blogs.

Your Inner Peace Is a Danger to Society:

You Experience Counts and Only Yours:

Self Actualization Is the Cause of Fragmentation:

The Enlightened Man and the Madman Are the Same:

More gorp.

When I Opened My Mind, I Died:

Psychedelic Thoughts on Racism:

How Did You Find Me (bad poetry):

Why Must You Achieve Peace Through Violence (a rant about gurus):

This guy's ticked on /x/'s radar, if only once.

The article in question. Notice the dubious disclaimer "I don't condone illegal drugs use" with an ironic smiley.




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Jul 27, 2017
This guy seems like a pretentious, unfunny version of Art Kleps -- an earlier Psychedelic Nihilist who founded the Neo-American Church and expressed similar sentiments, far more lucidly, 40 to 50 years ago.
Can't say I know anything about Art Kleps aside from a cursory read on Wikipedia, but I'm curious to know more if you think these two can be compared.

For a guy apparently in his 30s, all his posts drip with adolescent angst and profound arrogance seen in your average teenager. I'd call it navel gazing, but at this point, it's anal gazing:

There are other times he seems to contradict himself. Here he is saying you are God in one entry before saying "believe nothing" in the other. Fuck, this guy's all over the place:
You_Are_God_Hash.png Majority_of_One.png Enlightenment_Hash.png

And then, we have this:

Nah, YOU are addicted :story:

Based on his LinkedIn profile's URL, his name might be Atir Javid. The avatar is the exact same one used all over his Twitter and blog. Hmm, this guy's sloppier than anticipated. He appears to have been a programmer before getting into psychedelics. Would love to know more about this.

As you would expect, he earnestly believes Cannabis is vital to humanity. Why? I'll let him explain it for you. tl;dr: Cannabis has "amazing" medicinal qualities and ancient Hindus used it for just about everything.

I also discovered some more poetry, one of which just reeks of incel:
Hash said:
I wrote this poem for myself. It truly hurt when I am not alone with myself, deeply within my own mind, exploring the very depths of the cosmos, for I am the entirety of existence, space, time and thought contained in One. I am the Universe realizing itself. Culture and society tend to become traps that keep you away from yourself. And when they do, it hurts like nothing else.

Oh it hurts to be apart from You.

Murderous pain felt in my soul when I am not with thee.

In my body, in my heart, in my mind and in my soul,

nothing but visions of thee!

Abandon I must myself never;

Yet abandon I must myself;

into Thee…

with glee.

It is only when thoughts flee.

To thine own self be always true.

Oh it hurts to be apart from You.

Without You… I do not exist for existence is meaningless without You.

Why do we all go through life without the desire to know You?

More aggrandizing horseshit:

More autotheistic noodling:
Hash said:
I wrote this poem after realizing that you should never transfer loyalty to ideology, money, religions, philosophies and anything else that isn’t produced by the majesty of your own mind. The absolutely trustworthy is located at the center of your own heart. Societies and cultures prevent us from seeing this innate genius due to behavioral conditioning and thought control.

When man turns from nature,

he turns from himself,

on himself;

he turns from God,

because he finds a new God.

The God within.

And my conviction is that You are God.

There is no God but You.

You exist in space

You exist through all time.

You resonate within all matter,

but the inward Eye you will never flatter.

Matter, anti-matter?


No matter.

You matter!

Only You.

For better or for worse,

Jaws and teeth must never clatter

and lips must never purse

for life is a curse

and You are the only nurse.

Coursing through the veins of this monkey flesh…

nothing but Your spirit; Your consciousness.


exist within me!

I know You.
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Jul 27, 2017
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Does he ever read his posts later and wonder what the hell he was smoking?

He doesn't respect his peers too much. He clearly sees himself above them all considering all the autotheistic rants posted above and elsewhere.

From the looks of it, he's aiming to write a book. You gotta love the smug, ironic heading on the top:

On that note, here's more image macros created by Hash taken from some of the above articles plus some extras:



Here are some new ones:
The Undivine Divinity of Man
Everything Exists as a Radiance of Your Constitute
Spiritual Enlightenment Rubbish (talking about yourself?)
The Divine Masculine & the Divine Feminine (bad poetry)


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Feb 3, 2013
Does he actually believe that you're not supposed to be happy?


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Jul 27, 2017
In 5 years time, he’ll lead a mass suicide like Jim Jones.
He’s just a complete nutcase.
If and only if he can first earn a dedicated group of followers and then get over his massive ego. I think this guy's way too vain to lead himself and whoever followers into mass suicide. Of course, I can be wrong, but I'm not counting on it.

In any case, we can agree he's completely nuts.

This is just like Tommy Tooter; drug users that think partaking somehow gives them superpowers and the ability to transcend time and space.
But duuuuuuuude, the ancient Hindus used it for medicine and meditations, maaaaaaaaaan.

It's totally safe to use copious amounts of hallucinogens.

Holy shit, this guy might be crazier than I thought. There's an article discussing the possibility of Salvia divinorum as a "psychedelic time machine for children", whatever that may mean. The last two paragraphs and conclusion are downright disturbing:
Hash said:
In conclusion, Salvia Divinorum could be said to be a psychedelic for little children. I don’t mean that it should be given to little children (without the care of a Shaman). I mean that it literally transports you back in time and you don’t just feel like a child, you become a child. Every single time that I smoke Salvia, I am taken back to my childhood, where I am four years old again, frolicking in the fens and spinneys, romping with my family as the twilight bathed the existence as if a lambent flame. In the next article, we will take a deep dive into the psychological nature of Salvia, time travel, chlidhood memories, developmental psychology and the psychological development of infants.

According to the "About Us" page of Psychedelics Daily, he's been "trained in the Arcane Techniques of Ecstasy since the age of three." I don't like the sounds of any of this.
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Jul 27, 2017
Since the age of three?

Holy shit I've figured it out!! Hash is the end result of this.

The entire paragraph on his psychedelic experience is rather enlightening, in ways he didn't imagine. It's all guilt projection for living in the West and missing the opportunity to go home for at least one more time with his family.
Hash said:
I noticed a profound shift in my psyche. Everything I used to feel as a four years old was back, and unmistakable. Allow me to be precise because this is important that we understand this. It wasn’t that I know that I’m older now, and because of Salvia, thought that I was four years old. I was literally four years old. I did not know anything other than the fact that I’m about four years old. I was transported back in time to my childhood, but these were not any particular childhood memories. The visions of my grandmother’s house, my parent’s house, the rooftops on which we used to fly kites and play, the kitchen, the dining room, the lounge, everything melded into one single vision.

I found myself playing on the rooftop of my grandparent’s house in Bidan Road, Lahore, Punjab as a four-year-old. The next vision was of my parent’s house in Township, Lahore. I found myself back home as a boy. In front of me, on either side of my vision, there were two entities twirling, dancing, and wearing traditional Shamanic Indian dresses of my culture.

Just then, something out of the corner of my eye caught my attention.

I saw a third figure to the left, behind them. I’m am unsure whether it was the Shepherdess or Mother Mary, or neither, but it certainly was delightful to see my grandmother again. She was there. She was smiling at me with such love that my soul melted. Every single feeling of guilt, depression, and shame came upon me. I began to weep uncontrollably.

You see, I have been in the United States since 2001. While I was here, stranded, unable to return home to my family, my beloved grandmother passed away, for which I never forgave myself. I have been severely depressed since her passing. The pain which I felt in my soul was indescribable. I was devastated by her passing, and especially from the fact that I never got to meet her again and never said farewell. I was never given the chance. My grandmother was a Dehar Shaman from Dhaka, India who gave me psychedelics thrice a year since the age of three. From the age of three to twelve, I was trained by her and my grandfather to whom I was very close, a deeply cultured and holy man, who cultivated a strict environment of learning around me while growing up back home in Punjab. I was made to learn our ancient traditions in depth. She gave me everything she was. She gave me her soul, her spirit, her entire existence. For this, I will be forever grateful.

I wept. I cried. I shed tears of bloody agony at the loss of my grandmother, at the fact that I never had a chance to say goodbye to her, that I never saw her again after I left my home country. I felt tremendous guilt that I was here, in the USA, living it up, and all the while my family missed me, thought of me, prayed for me and never let me out of their thoughts, whereas I on the other hand, became selfish in the indulgence of the Occidental culture, disconnected from my roots for a period of time.

I am sorry, dadi ammi. I wasn’t there. I’m so sorry. Please forgive me.

She looked at me with such love and forgiveness, with a smile on her face, she said, “Mera Chanda, Akhyon me paani kyon? Mera laal, kyon Pareshaan hai? Ek din tum merey paas phir ayo ge.” (Translation: My beloved Moon Child, in your eyes, why is there the water of tears? My dear child, why are you to hassle and worry? One day you will again come to me.“) In that moment, I got the closure I never had. I said the farewell I never had the chance to say. She was there, in my visions. She forgave me. She assured me as only she could.It was the most peaceful I have ever felt. My depression, my anxiety, my worries, my cares, everything came to an end. I realized that I could be with my grandmother anytime I wanted through the Diviner’s Mint.

Darkness closed around me. I asked my grandmother, “What’s happening?” as I watched my reality unzip and my fears give way. Serene, calm, and peaceful darkness encased my soul. I asked my grandmother once again, slightly worried, “What’s happening?” to which she replied, “It’s okay. Let it happen.” I put my hands on my cheek and laid down on my side in a fetal position as would a wee babe, just like a four-year-old child. I found myself whispering, “Yes. I’ll let it happen. Okay. Okay. I’ll let it happen.”

Tranquility. Serenity. Light. Love. I felt nothing but the most profound peace within me. The sorrow within me not soon forgotten, coming to a natural end. I discovered that I can’t run from my sorrow. I must let it consume me. I must let my pain, my suffering, my agony, my despair, my distress, my profound pain blossom in whole, and to feel everything that it wants me to feel. I must observe it in whole, without choice, without judgment, without prejudice, without cause or justification. I must observe my mind, my thoughts, my desires, my fears, my hopes, my anxieties, and the very structure of the “me”.

The Ending of Sorrow is the Ending of Fear. The ending of fear is the ending of Death, which is the beginning of Immortality. This is the true birthing of the Supreme Intellect of life.

Update: salty about Net Neutrality and Trump.
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Sep 15, 2017
It's always the DMT loons. Always. Not LSD, not shrooms, but DMT. What the fuck does it do that it produces this specific brand of lunacy?