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Best class(es) to play as?

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TF2 is like the ol' Ma' and Pa' diner/bakery in your neighborhood.

It's old, how it does it's business is completely outdated and the staff are overworked due to the inefficiency at which they work. The food isn't particularly astounding, but it's comforting and familiar and the fact that it's always there makes it appealing even as years go by. The most appealing thing about this dear ol' building is the history behind it and the fact that, while nothing ever changes, nothing ever changes! It's open for business the same as it's always been, and that feeling of having something to come back to even as an old fart will always be a welcoming one, even if the bar across the street serves the best booze on the planet for dirt cheap.

The long-awaited Pyro update finally came out and it's looking to deliver. I'm glad to still play this game from time to time and am quietly hoping that it's competitive scene picks up, with recent gaming arenas in the US taking interest in sponsored events for the game sparking interest again.

This is the only other acceptable answer.

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I play it when I get the chance. It's still pretty fun, and I'm a bit excited about the update.

I either play as a scorching homewrecker pyro or a machina sniper (with a shit aim), but I do try to mix up my classes as I get new weapons.
I used to play quite a bit, tried to mix up classes as much as I could. Never did get the hang of being a really good Spy or Medic, was OK with most other classes, I'd like to think I was a pretty good Scout and Sniper tho.


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Man, I haven't played this game since 2012. I got the game when it became F2P, and I used to enjoy playing on all the modded maps and game modes. Saxton Hale Mode was entertaining AF, along with Hide N Seek and Death Runs.

I knew that the game still gets updates after all this time, but I heard it's changed so much since then. I'm not sure if I wish to revisit this game to see what happened.

BTW that Inferno trailer was awesome!


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So how does everyone feel about the "Mammoth" update? I think it looks like they got their interns to cobble together something and they still haven't fixed matchmaking.

X-Shaped Weeaboo

Not another anime avatar!
So how does everyone feel about the "Mammoth" update? I think it looks like they got their interns to cobble together something and they still haven't fixed matchmaking.
The team came out and made a statement saying how competitive match-makimg has been a top priority to them, and that they didn't include it with the Pyro update because they felt it still needed some retooling.

Given how the TF team is suddenly getting really good about communication and delivering on content/balance fixes I think it's safe to assume that they're really buckling down and fixing the game up with the best elbow grease they can afford.


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The update finally dropped and the item server is complete ass as usual.

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