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Best class(es) to play as?

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I have no idea how people find Pyro fun. It's the most unsatisfying shit ever.
I remember back in the heady days of 2007, I played it a lot because I was so impressed by the (at the time) unprecedented particle effects and dynamic lighting cast by the flamethrower. In contrast to almost every other class, I don't think the skill ceiling has been much raised from those days, aside from airblast trickshots and juggling.


How quickly the tide turns
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I like the Pyro because I like flanking and spychecking, and doesn't need as many mechanics as the soldier or mindgames as the spy. If pyro wasn't an option i would probably put Medic. Doesn't need too much skill except managing heals and surviving at any cost for Uber.


Stopped playing TF2 when they super nerfed niche builds in favor of boring pigeonholed dullness. Builds like Puff-Sting-axtinguisher Pyro in favor of W+M1 spycheck garbage, which isn't fun at all because 99% of spies are awful and useless. Force'a'nature+Sandman+Flying Guillotine Scout was a personal favorite and that got tossed aside for GOTTA GO FAST AND ONLY HARASS! scout.
I dunno, I guess when you've played a game long enough it's the quirky things that keeps it fresh.


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TF2 I think to this date still holds the most amount of hours of any of my steam games. I mostly stopped because variety is the spice of life, and playing the same thing for 500+ hours over the course of 7ish years (about the time I slowed down) leaves you wondering what else is out there. I'd still play it if we got like a kiwi group or something going. I can't remember what my "main" was (7 years and 500 hours, there were times when any of the classes were the one I was playing primarily) but I remember some engie defense meta best


Exhibits no Islamic behavior once given McNuggets
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Final fucking comic when tho.
I mean they're still updating the fuckin' game yo
Saxy awards, Jurassic Yeti Park update, the NINTH decemberweeen event
TF2 may no longer be the prettiest mare in the stables, but someone's riding it, and its still getting khantent updates, which is goddamn impressive for something with no monthly subscription and no $30 expansion packs, and is also 10 years old.


I always liked TF2 Muselk. He was actually pretty good at TF2 and was funny, some of his older videos taught me how to ctap and rocket jump properly. He kinda turned into one of those generic spazzes that talk too much when he started getting into OW and Fortnite tho.

MrPaladin was always more entertaining to me. Really good pub Spy player. Definitely not as good as any top Spy players but that was never the point.


are they still even working on the comic? sonichu has been updating faster than this multi-million dollar company

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