Have lolcows been brought up in any IRL conversation you've had? -


The lolcow is a phenomenon that appears to be confined to the realm that exists on our computer and phone screens, but from time to time it manages to seep its way into the real world as well. All of a sudden you hear family and friends and even some strangers in public talk about the people you follow here, and seeing actual people talk about lolcows can make you feel some type of way.

Perhaps you have a friend who is a Sonic fan, for instance. Discussions about Sonic the Hedgehog rarely ever occur without the subject of recolors thrown in at some point, so what is the first recolor that pops into your friend's head? Sonichu, of course, and then a discussion about OPL and all his wacky antics naturally follows. Maybe you have another friend who's big into video games, and one day you listened to him complain about how badly DSP played in his most recent LP. Maybe 4-5 years ago that same friend brought up the topic of GamerGate back when it was still relevant as well as cows like Zoe Quinn and Brianna Wu. Perhaps you even have a sister or daughter or niece who followed the James Charles vs. Tati drama and then jumped off that bandwagon when that feud started to sizzle out (for the time being, anyway). Or you overheard a member of the weeb club in college talk about the Vic Mignogna case and the ridiculousness of people on the #KickVic side like MarzGurl. Or maybe if you live in the UK you've had one or two dinner table conversations where your folks just spent most of the time laughing about Sargon's run for MEP.

Whatever it might have been, has there been any time a lolcow came up in a real conversation, and (more importantly) you weren't the one who brought them up in the first place?

I've heard some people say they browse /pol/. That's about it for me, though.


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I've had discussions about OPL with other friends in school, but that's about it.

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I had someone bring up "that Sargon dude" in passing. I must have visibly cringed because they said "Not a fan?"


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Beyond universally known ones (Orange Man Bad, Bradly Manning and Christchurch Man) I have never been apart of conversations or over heard ones on lolcows. It has really shown me how insulated internet shit is from regular people. I love this shit but for about 96% of what we read about will stay completely unknown to the rest of the people.

Only exception was learning about DSP in high school and that eventually lead me here.

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CWC was talked about on Opie and Anthony a while back when Chris made the video about drinking his cum. I talked about him with my friend who also listened and neither of us had heard about Chris before that point and we thought it was bullshit.

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There's a guy I used to carpool with who knew about Chrischan and brought him up one time, this led to general discussions on Lolcowdom and autism.
As a result IRL I have discussed:
- Chrischan
- Tommy Tooter
- Desmond is Amazing
- Russel Greer
- Jonathan Ross
- Josshua Conor Moon
- and many others were mentioned in passing during this.
I also know a chick who rages about online fatties an I introduced her to Aberlyn Reed. I also told her about the farms, but she doesn't want to visit a "Doxxxing Site" apparently it's too scary for her. I also don't think she likes me anymore because I mentioned the farms.


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No. No talk about Youtubers (like fitness or atheist drama) either. Not even talk about trash TV. Last time I was able to talk to IRL people about trash TV was early 2000s. 😢


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I had someone bring up "that Sargon dude" in passing. I must have visibly cringed because they said "Not a fan?"
I'll admit I actually used to like to sargon. From what I heard he represented gamergate well, he didn't take himself too seriously, he used to be honest and humble to a fault, and he enjoyed shitposting and fucking with people on internet (although he killed the shit out of the kekistan meme good god). Like for example he used to fuck with alt-right twitter spergs by sending them shit tons of interracial gay porn. Some people would disagree for whatever reason but I thought that shit was funny as fuck. Now he's turned into some gay reverse Anita Sarkessian-esque failure of a person with an ego who can't take bants without self-imploding by doing incredibly stupid shit. Dude made himself into a public pariah because some drunk irish neet made fun of his suit on the internet.

What a finoke.


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Ive talked about most of the lolcows in beauty parlor with my mom, she used to follow a lot of them on snark boards and gomi. Outside of that i've talked about chrischan and a few others.


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You'd have to surround yourself with nothing but other weirdos who understand the references, and if thats the case... I'm so sorry for you.

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My housemate is a huge GameGrumps fan, so when the whole Projarad thing came up she started talking about it.
Havent told her that Arin and Suzy are massive cows themselves yet, dont want to ruin it for her tbh

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I think it's cheating if the irl conversation was with another kiwi farmer.

Otherwise... no. I don't talk about much with anyone. Conversations are largely pointless when you're not interested in anything that the other person might say.


One of my best friends and I have discussed CWC years back. We both lurked /pol/ but never really spoke about it and kept the autism contained between us two.

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