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So, I had an essay come back to me. It was an A and I was so glad I got that over with, so I decided to have a bit of fun and burn the essay, one page at a time. Indoors.

I got my match and burnt the first page, and it started burning rapidly. I immediately realized I had fucked up. I tried running to an empty part of the room so I could drop the paper and stomp the flames away(I did this shit on top of my desk initially) but the flame spread too quickly and it was almost at my fingers, so I had to drop it between my wooden door and wooden bed frame and stomp it. Through some form of divine intervention, it landed right in the middle and didn’t catch anything else on fire. I was barefoot so I had to run for a sandal and hit the flames with it, letting the paper burn on the floor for a little bit.

This happened last night and I’m still spooked. Tell me Kiwifarms, how have you almost destroyed your life before?

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Typically the federal ones have OK interest and good options for repayment, iirc. So I'm guessing it's your credit score you're worried about?
I'm worried about the fact that my degree is useless and I've had to seek training in another field just to find a job. I hadn't even thought about my credit score. Shit.
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I was stopped at a red light once and fucking with the radio so I didn’t see the light turn green for a second. In the span of that delay an 18 wheeler shot through their red light and I didn’t see it coming. If I’d been paying attention and pulled out when I was supposed to, I would be very dead now lol

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I've almost lost my life and a friends in a drunken campfire / gasoline can incident.

I don't know if I would have died, but I attacked a rattlesnake that was threatening my cat when I was 8 or 9, my weapon of choice was a pair of kitchen scissors. Everybody but the snake lived, it was apparently more interested in the cat then me creeping on it.

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At least OP waited until he was finished with his essay before he burnt it. I made a 0 on some math homework in 2nd grade because I thought it would be funny to burn it using a candle. It turned into a giant fireball but I put it out by pouring a glass of tard cum on it (plus then some water from the sink). It made a big black stain on the floor which is probably still there to this day in that house.
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This hasn’t happened to me thankfully but, keep this in mind fellow kiwis.

A hand raised in anger could change your life. Avoid situations entirely that could end up like this.
Absolutely. Learn to recuse yourself when you feel yourself hitting those ticks. Don't be ashamed to speak to someone and develop strategies that curb rage and also look at what may be causing it.
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