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Third grade was the worst part of my life. I got bullied on a regular basis that year, and it affected my behavior to a point where I was acting totally out of control. This got so bad that I was moved to a slow-in-the-mind class for a little while. Luckily, my psychiatrist was able to help me improve and this situation was over by the spring. With all the highs and lows of my life, nothing has come as close to wrecking me as that year.


I'm worried about the fact that my degree is useless and I've had to seek training in another field just to find a job. I hadn't even thought about my credit score. Shit.
I came here to post another story but then you reminded me that my student loans are fucking me in the ass. Now I'm depresssd
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I blew up a high pressure valve I was working on. We had de-energized system, verified no pressure, and hung tags.

I was disassembling valve. We did not know bypass valve was leaking so bad and we mistake tag shut vent and drain lines.

I nearly lost left hand, blew out both ear drums, and had chest injury. The o ring between body and bonnet exploded.

Not very fun. I went to NJP for this (I was in military at the time).


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I don't know how you can really live without some close calls. They happen every 7-10 years from what I can tell. Each time it happens you handle it better than the previous one.
They start stopping around 40 because you have learned enough at that point to mostly avoid it.

But some folks are thicker skulled than others.

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I thought of one. In my senior year of high school I stopped caring about school to the point where I flunked everything, including art which was my favorite subject and one of the things I usually excelled at. By the time it was near the end of the semester before school ended for Summer I was told that the only way I'd have to graduate was going to one of those special schools that helps students get their work done in an easier environment. I agreed to go there and got a higher grade and graduated.


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I was at a college party I was one of the younger students and this guy kept trying to get me by myself with him and/or with his friends. Thank goodness I wasn't drunk out of my mind and I was able to see the warning signs or I'd probably be dead or something


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I'm partially responsible for an awful carwreck my mother and I were in. It started with a fight about a dumb train taking too long. We backed out and tried to find a way around it(taking an unfamiliar road). We were arguing and both of us didn't really notice we were in the middle of an intersection. Then out of fucking nowhere a car comes our way, we book it, and end up getting smashed. We both ended up in the hospital but I had no major injuries and her pelvis was completely smashed and she has to take pain meds for the rest of her life. Though I think the one that was most responsible was the shit driver that rammed us. Guy was going like a speed demon off of a highway and completely totaled our van. He of course suffered no injuries whatsoever. The police report is also really wrong and only mentions her wrongdoing and not his but I won't go into that mess.


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My former workplace (of well over a decade) almost cost me a lung. Was kinda the kick up the arse I needed to leave.
Well, after claiming nine months full-pay sick leave and then six months in severance pay, at least.
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Got robbed at gunpoint and nearly killed working graveyard at a 24-hour mart at age 16. The story is in the Retail Horrors thread. I'll make a copypasta if you peeps are interested but too lazy to search it out.

Other then that....oh yeah. I got married. Still not sure yet if life is destroyed or not, but it's leaning that way.
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I almost welcomed the new millennium by getting gang raped. I was at a rave and partying hard on rave substances, completely out of my mind, and running around in my kikwear jeans and a bra.

I got separated from my group in the enormous crowd but didn’t really notice, I was having too much fun dancing and enjoying the music. Two guys started dancing with me and were rubbing me all over my, body which of course felt awesome. They asked if I wanted to go up to their room and enjoy some more substances and I agreed. As they were leading me off by the hand, some strange guy came up and took me from them, asking me where my friends were, how did they know me, and so on and so forth and scared them off.

He stuck by me for most of the night until my friends and boyfriend managed to find me. He gave them a bit of a talking to and let them know what almost happened to me, but this was all relayed to me later as I was so far gone I had no clue anything had happened and was just happy to be with my friends again.

I dodged a super serious bullet that could have destroyed me for a very long time.

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Oh yeah, just remembered my old man nearly destroyed his life when I was about 13-15. He ended up living his dream and built his own new-design drilling rig and has done well with himself in the end, but it was nearly foreshortened when he bought a second-hand gas-tank for an industrial truck and began to torch off some some of the old attachments and shit.....without confirming that the tank had been properly decontaminated before being sold. It hadn't.

I heard a gigantic BOOM!!! outside my house, shook the walls and the workshop and upper kitchen windows were shattered. I run to the kitchen and look out and down into the back yard and see the tank ripped open from the inside, smoke and flames spewing out, a cutting torch on the grass (thankfully blown out by the shockwave) and my father, laughing like a loon, thrown 10+ feet away fetched up against the backyard fence. His overalls and his hair were somewhat scorched but the lucky bastard wasn't even hurt.

Turns out the tank had residual petrol fumes in several pockets, and of course being mixed with atmospheric air at 20% oxygen.....well, how do you think fuel-air bombs work? He's soooo fucking lucky to be alive today.
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