Have you ever almost destroyed your life? -


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I was 3 years old and my parents left tissues and a candle on a table.

I was an exceptional three year old thought it be a good idea to combine the two.

Set the carpet on fire and nearly burned the house down.

Parents still didn't stop me from playing with fire though even after that.


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I nearly set my apartment on fire once. We were having lots of blackouts and rainstorms. I am afraid of the dark. During a blackout, I put some candles on top of my dresser which had a cloth over the top. The candles we're small and free standing. I didn't put them on a dish or anything, thinking I would put them out before I fell asleep. Hours later I awoke hearing what I thought was very loud rain. It wasn't. It was my dresser on fire. I grabbed 2 big cups I had in my room and ran down the hall to the kitchen to fill them with water. In doing this, I passed the bathroom, which obviously also had water, and the fire extinguisher. Got the water from the kitchen, ran back, past the fire extinguisher a second time, threw one cup of the water on the fire, which scattered the wax and ignited the curtains. Threw the other cup, which had no discernable effect. I then simply started screaming. My super gay roommate came in, said, " bitch I thought you were on fire" calmly walked down the hall, got the fire extinguisher, calmly put it out, and said, " I'm going back to sleep, clean this up". My grandfather, father, and older brother we're and are firefighters. My dad came over later that day with a box of smoke alarms and put them all over the place, and did not speak a word to me.


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I was very mentally ill from ages 13-15 and did a lot of self-destructive shit (nothing permanent, thankfully). I still feel a lot of guilt for all the grief and worry I caused my poor parents. But the good news is that I'm much healthier now and I don't make them worry about me all the time anymore.

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I was in a similar situation like Cosmos, and ended up getting kicked out of a prestigious all-girl's high school before Christmas break. A few years of public school and therapy later, I shaped up, made graduation and won some senior awards in the mix.

Lesson learned: Being one of the "elite" isn't for everybody. Just do whatever makes you happy and run with it.
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I borderlined being a full blown addict on amphetamines because I was young and figured it would never happen to me I would never become an addict it was just fun casual use right? People that cared about me helped me through it and I dropped the drugs, the "friends" that only wanted me around to do drugs with them and all of the drama associated with paranoid amph lunatics from their brains being fried.

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I did the same thing as OP as a small child, because I was a pyro, and sheet of paper burned up in about 5 seconds. I just flipped my grip halfway through so the fire was above my hand, released the burning scrap as the fire neared my fingers, the scrap finished burning as it floated down, and I stompped on the ashes. Luckily the carpet in that room was a weird black & green shag so the singed parts of the carpet blended in.

I've never done anything where later I felt it was very possible I could have died or seriously fucked myself up, I usually research shit before I do it. Even when I was an extremely self-destructive teen I knew where my arteries were and where the fleshy parts I could cut and shove pins & needles through were.
I think almost all of my friends have had super close calls though. Several I literally saved their lives and they have no memory of it due to being blacked-out or OD'ing.

One brought a 750ml bottle of Everclear to a party (back when it was 190 proof) and split it with his friend in about 3 hours, that's the equivalent of around 22 shots of 80 proof liquor (22 drinks) apiece, just from that their BAC was 0.40. They were homeless and sleeping under a bridge. I walked them 'home' to make sure they didn't get run over or something. My friend fell into the fucking river going under the bridge and his buddy just laughed at him. I had to drag his falling down drunk ass out before the current caught him and took him over the spillway that people have died under before.
Another showed up drunk at my house, I let him in, went to get a smoke from my roomate for him, came back to the living-room and he was blacked-out on his back on the floor choking on his vomit. I had to turn him over on his belly so he didn't die, then I had to clean his fucking puke off my floor. I pulled his shirt off and wiped up most of the puke with that, then put it back on him :biggrin:
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ended up taking the topic too literally with my response and realised I couldn't delete it,apologies if I overshared too much information,I know not to do that again
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Cleared out Rick's TMI post content.

I'm not sure how familiar you are with the board culture here, but I would advise you not to over-share details of your personal life to this kind of level. A common piece of advice new members of this forum are given is thus: LURK MOAR.

In other words, take a few days to weeks of browsing and not commenting or posting until you have a good grasp on...not so much WHAT to say, as open free speech is a keystone of this site, but HOW to say it. And how much to reveal of yourself in it. Your post is what is called 'showing your powerlevel' and will probably get rated accordingly with the TMI rating.

This board is full of assholes, but more of the snarky kind rather then the really nasty kind. Unless you start getting snippy and defensive of what you post rather then rolling with the response and moving on of course. We track and follow the lolcows here, we don't homegrow them.

As long as you have a thick skin and a deviant sense of humor, you'll do fine here.

Other then that, glad you're feeling better.
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I'm sorry that I made that comment, I only started lurking a few years ago so yes I am new here, so it will take time for me to adjust

Yes I understand, and yeah that was way too much information,I know now not to do that again.

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My brother almost drowned me in a pool once.
Come to think of it I've almost died a lot of times.
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