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Have you ever been an A-log?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by SpergPatrol, Aug 1, 2018.

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  1. Have you ever been in that position that you started to act like A-log?

    If so why and how far did you tale it before you realized?
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  2. I AM an A-log.

    Eid sirhc Eid

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  3. The only thing I hate is myself :smug:
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  4. I don't think I was, but a few years ago someone on this forum accused me of it. It was right around the time Chris burnt his house down and I was regularly posting stuff on the Bad Webcomics Wiki's facebook page, so I used it to post something along the lines of "too bad he wasn't in it", and this guy showed up and started sperging out at me for it. Then he went over to the ED facebook group and started complaining to them about BWW. Unbeknownst to him, I was an admin there too and used it to make fun of him there also. Soon after BWW was added to the article on a-loging on either the chris-chan wiki or to lolcow wiki, by who I presume to be the same guy.
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    oddish itsa me, oddguy

  5. not on here. I try to avoid alogging and I HAVE AUTISM PLEASE LAUGH AT ME on here as much as possible if I think it might be an issue for me. Thankfully, hasn't really been a big issue for me during my run on here so far
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  6. I misread this as "have you ever seen an a-log?" and was gonna answer "every time I look in the mirror:smug:" but now I can't make that joke anymore and I'm sad.*sigh*
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    emspex nice girl
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  7. https://web.archive.org/web/20180728202029/https://twitter.com/nytimes/status/1023262332015783936

    I can deal with many absurdities and laugh but I definitely a-logged here because this is personal. One one hand, if the white man’s mere existence is unforgivable why not be guilty of atrocity? What is being offered in exchange for innocence? Being called a bigot anyway because your family is English? Being told that a state settled 400 years ago by your ancestors needs to change because one brown faggot doesn’t like how many crackers there are around? What the fuck did the millions of New Hampshire residents DO to get the diversity jihad called on them but fucking exist as the majority of that state like they have for literally centuries? That’s why “the Nazis are back” you idiots. Because these hysterical virtue-signaling fucks made being white and wanting to live, a relatively mainstream view, the same thing as being “literally a Nazi”. So from the bottom of my heart as someone on the wrong end of a white-ethnostate beta uprising, thanks for the “help” you fucks in New York.
    Now to the admittedly power-level reason why this bothers me. I was a darky on his way to being a gang-banger to feed a kid I had in high school and I got saved from that by some lily-white people. I saw this family give up vacations because while I was entitled to free money from the government, their own kid had to pay through the nose to attend the same fucking school because of his race. I truly believe these people saved me from myself and they get fucked by the government they pay taxes to so I can double-dip, just because I’m brown? You want an injustice dispensed on an ethnicity how about those bright middle-class kids put in line behind a punk who went to juvvie because oops, you’re white. I saw my friend’s family suffer and sacrifice to help me and some 20-something tumblr brat will sneer and call that success in the face of adversity “privilege”.
    The actual, real white nationalists make the point that most of America’s violent crime is blacks shooting at each other in less than two dozen cities. In the vast white stretches of the American heartland, the level of gun violence embarrasses Switzerland outside of suicides. What they don’t mention is blacks are concentrated in those areas because there used to be factories there, after decades of single-party rule, cities like Detroit are jobless hellholes. Most people go into crime because they don’t have any other choice. The 4.1% GDP growth we were told was impossible is going to make gang bangers hang up their lean cups and get jobs if Trump also gets his border wall.
    Lumping people who rejected Obama’s promises of a managed decline of 2% for a man who said they had a right to be proud of their country (that produced people like that family) together with actual Nazis, whose number could previously been comfortably fit into one supermarket, and then lumping that group together with the ethnic group that is SIXTY-FIVE PERCENT of the population still? You wonder why Nazis are everywhere now? NYT-types lost the 2016 election because they backed a dogshit candidate with more dirty laundry that a porn star and the guy they lost to is helping poors and blacks while they spent the same time fomenting racial animosity with articles like this pushing for Civil War 2: Krystalnacht Boogaloo after plans to start WW3 with Russia fell through. Eat a dick NYT.
    Sorry to turn the thread into the DT general but this is the first time in a long time this nonsense got me legitimately angry and this seems like the place to post. I’ll let the mods decide if this goes elsewhere.
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  8. I imagine most Kiwis here want to a-log to a certain degree but withhold themselves due to not giving in to autism. I know I certainly do. But I will give you a snippet of it.

    My upbringing led me to loathe narcissism, so whenever I see a cow exhibit it, I hope they eventually commit suicide (which, existentially, is the worst way to die)

    eldri oogity boogity boo motherfucker

  9. I try not to, although it can be really hard depending on the subject matter.
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  10. No, but some people think I am. I guess they don't understand that I have an equal amount of contempt and spite for everybody.

    Except illegal aliens, fuck them.

    Coldgrip You! Not you, the guy behind you. You're next.

  11. Admittedly it can be tempting to A-Log, but I try my best to not give into it.

    I'm sure everybody's been guilty of filthy A-Logging at some point. I sure have.
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    CynicalGardevoir is not your waifu.

  12. I've gotten a few A-Log top hats in my time here. I barely remember what for though since I try to avoid being mad on the internet.
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  13. Yeah, a couple of times. It was some old stuff that can't remember but I sure had these situations, where it all exaggerated a tad bit for a moment and let me look like a fool in the process. I rather trying not be one anymore. I just laugh at dumb things and do something progressive afterwards than joining the "party".

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  14. It's a basic human condition. You cunts.
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  15. I've flagged a few tweets, but that's it. I try to distract myself if my visceral disgust with certain lolcows gets to the point where I want to do anything else.
  16. only when in hallucinatory ketosis.
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  17. Doc Cassidy

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  18. I get it that a-logging is annoying... but I feel like this forum doesn't understand the circular irony of being a huge a-log to people they perceive as a-logs.
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