Have you invited anyone? - Or nah?

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Jan 25, 2020
I personally like this private forum model, it works as a great newfag and reddit filter. Inviting oldfags who have experience, have technical skills and could make threads with opening posts that have at least one paragraph at least and provide quality content to the site.

Personally I haven't invited anyone since I trust oldfags from /cow/ or /baphomet/ registered long before me and folks other obscure cow centric boards.

Due to normies, newfags and luddites. I didn't even bother to think about inviting anyone here. People who are interested in lolcows have habit to moralfag, troll shield or sperg out about politics, are actually autistic and degenerate.

For instance average luddite need to be taught basic InfoSEC, OPsec and teach to adopt and use different mannerism and personae. Not to forget basic rules when it comes to lolcows, kiwifarms rules.

Every person who was "interested" in lolcows were too busy obsessing over Twitter clout/likes for example.

Now that kiwifarms is only reliable place to look into lolcows, dig and prospect them. Chodemonkey gave up on 8kun and cripplewheels was too inept to keep shit running and allow morons run big boards like turkroach who owned /pol/ who allowed spam of CP, horse fuckery spam go on for weeks because imkampfy was too paranoid to appoint moderators. This spamming spilled over to other boards.

Not to mention that they allowed mosque shooting post to stay up and unmoderated, because cripplekike was retarded large chunk of lolcow community died because of him
Chodemonkey 8kun died as quickly, doesn't help he supported Qlarp as well

Irc channels died due to feds digging in and started fed posting there.

So I ask simply, have you invited anyone and reasons why you did (not) invite people? Feel free give a detailed answer.
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Fireman Sam

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Feb 24, 2020
Invited my girlfriend who drew one of the background panels for the site, but she's probably limiting herself to the catty bitch land of Beauty Parlor though.
I do like the invite system for now as it also holds the inviter accountable if the person they invite is a faggot. It also stops sudden influxes of random retards who don't really understand what Kiwifarms is all because some youtuber made a video about their favourite youtuber grooming someone or whatever and sourced kiwifarms or some shit. And considering the challenges this site currently faces, a wave of sudden new users isn't doing us any favours at the moment.

Penis Drager

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Aug 8, 2020
Sometimes I think it would be funny to invite my schizophrenic Seventh Day Adventist friend but I imagine he'd just be another @A truthteller but much more abrasive and without the dogfucking.

Though it would be hilarious if they got into an argument.