Having a partner/intimacy/love/sex. Is it important to happiness? -

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To be happy with a partner first one needs to be happy with themselves. If one does not need another to be happy than so why should they pursue love? Why would they not instead pursue other things they crave. Nothing is universally as important as the self. I personally wanted a wife and thus I have said wife. Not because I need her or she needs me, but because we enhance each other. The point I'm making is improving the self is the true key to happiness.


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If you have to ask then yes. If you are utterly indifferent to the very idea you would be asexual.


I don't think so, I mean it's an important part of life but I feel like happiness is more something that comes from within than without. If you're not satisfied with your life on your own, sharing your life with another doesn't feel like it'll fix it. Now love and intimacy are good and positive (sometimes, other times it's just a nightmare lol) but they're not necessarily the centerpiece to your happiness. To be happy is more about knowing yourself and crafting your life according to what fits into what you are, you're not gonna hit homeruns all across the board but as long as you get a couple things right here and a couple things right there then that's how you become happy.

I wanna make clear I'm incel supreme here though, so take what I say with a grain of salt. I just figured if incel supreme could smile then happiness is more than just fill all the blanks. Despite a clearly lacking lifestyle I can smile and be happy.

TL;DR: Relationships are a piece of the puzzle of happiness, not the whole thing, you can be happy without them but you shouldn't shun them.
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"Happiness" is an emotional state and as such varies from person to person, it's also not something that any normal person can maintain for very long.
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life dose feel empty and unfulfilling at times when you are alone. you can mostly dull the emptiness with personal-accomplishments or materiel things but i think its only temporary and soon, you feel just empty again.
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Love can be a great happiness enhancer but it has to be built upon other forms of happiness or satisfaction, it is something that comes along while we're living life. Forget about finding a partner and just focus on your career, hobbies, and friendships. When you're invested in those and doing well with them your confidence will raise and you'll find someone without hardly even trying.

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Isn't it scientifically proven that married men live longer? Either from happiness or us just stopping them from doing really stupid shit?


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Its a want, not a need, but I'm certainly happy to have him, and he does make my life better than it would have been otherwise.

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It feels pretty good to coom in a vagina and it's nice to have a warm body next to you at night and have a built in partner to do things with and build a life with. I don't know that having a long-term partner is necessary for everyone to be happy, but I think I'd get pretty lonely without one eventually.

I think the mistake people make when they end up with women that make poor partners is they don't date around enough. You don't lock down the first willing set of tits with a vagina you meet.

Does this situation sound familiar? You're this neckbeard who isn't great with the ladies and your friends are neckbeards who aren't great with the ladies. You probably have that one friend who settled down with the girl he lost his virginity to. She's hefty, but she's outgoing and has big tits, and every outfit she has has shows massive cleavage. She fucked 20 guys before she even met him and constantly parties, and the relationship ends two-three years later when she gets drunk and cheats on him with some one who's more masculine and successful, but wasn't interested in anything other than an easy lay. Then she meets another nerdy guy with a nerdy group of friends and the cycle repeats. Yeah, I've seen it too. I think a lot of guys who don't have a lot of experience see that happen to their friends and think that's a typical relationship. That situation doesn't happen because there are no good women. That situation happens because your friend was desperate.
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