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Cut that shit out.

Stop worshipping fictional female characters, it's pathetic and THEY'RE WOMEN FOR FUCKS SAKE.

Hell I'd say that simply liking a female character is just another form of female worship.

Females need to be violently shoved off the pedestal, not put on an even higher one.

All females deserve our utter hatred. Including ones that aren't real.


average internet faggot
What is your course of action to make sure the females get shoved off said pedestal?


True & Honest Fan
Good thing my body pillow has a man on it
Anyone ever stop and think about the fact that when you jerk it to your waifu, what's really occurring is that you're being given a handjob by another guy?

I mean, considering that waifus are invented, written and animated by other dudes... a feminine carboniferous lifeform never enters the equation. It's gay sex all the way through. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing.

The Lawgiver

We all know what happens to alien spies.
We already are onto your fucking game of trying to take our waifus well jokes on you I got no waifu and that leaves you with 0 extra stolen waifus.
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