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JU 199

Original thread title-
'Gen Zed' aka Tumblr- The animated series!   Kiwi Farms.png

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Gen Zed  Hayden Black's stillborn cash grab   Kiwi Farms.png

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Gen Zed  Hayden Black s vaporware show is a train wreck..png

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Hayden Black  Gen Zed has died.png

Update 3: lol-
Isn't it sad how we pump out titles more consistently than he pumps out updates on GenZed?

Get ready to check your privilege, there's a hip new show on the block!


Gen Zed   They grew up. Now they're wondering why they bothered..png

Premise- A group of gamers meet each other online and decide to live together! Staring-

  • Affable, sweet black dude
  • A transgendered comedian with a transgendered voice actress! YOU SHOULD TUNE IN BECAUSE ITS THE MOST PROGRESSIVE THING EVER.
  • An angry white shitlord guy
  • A 'trustafarian' ( the trailer describes her as such i shit you not) girl who pops pills
What’s Gen Zed    Gen Zed.png

Trailer is bellow (Warning- Might give you cancer)

The drama is already brewing even before its release date. 4chan, 8chan EDF have made their standard noises in reaction to this 'media'. The creator Hayden Black has already responded with tweets.^google|twcamp^serp|twgr^author

Hayden Black  @haydenblack    Twitter.png

Shona Sommers IRL twitter fronted by Julie Rei Goldstein Hayden Black.

Misc Hayden tweets
Hayden Black  @haydenblack    Twitter (1).png

Hayden Black  @haydenblack    Twitter (2).png

While the drama is only simmering at the moment I expect the topic will get hotter as time progresses.

The show's facebook acount

Update: since Gen Zed may have been a deliberate pipe dream, the focus has shifted to it's creator- Hayden Black.

@varvarstvo dug up some old media by hayden black. This exposes his con-artist sock account tendencies
I thought I'd found all I could about Hayden's past antics, but I recently managed to unearth a little gem from 2009. Sure, it's old, but it's pretty damn telling.

See, back in 2009, Hayden hastily cobbled together a comedy webseries called The Occulterers, which was commisionned by the now-defunct video platform Babelgum. Hayden himself directed the whole thing and also played one of the the leads, a kilt-wearing Belgian psychic.
Of course, the six-episode "series" has a Facebook and Twitter, as well as the usual Hayden interview on some no-name blog.

But what's interesting about this abortion of a show is that a professional critic took a look at it. And while she does her best to be fair, her critique isn't exactly positive. [archive link]

So of course, Hayden reacts with the maturity and professionalism we've all come to appreciate:’écran-2016-01-13-à-15-20-47-png.68134/’écran-2015-12-31-à-01-48-49-png.68135/

Which leads to an army of sockpuppets commenters descending upon the article to tell the reviewer- and any commenter who agreed with her- that they don't know anything about comedy and how much of a misunderstood genius Hayden Black is.

What caught my attention were these comments:’écran-2016-01-13-à-22-06-46-png.68138/
Reminds you of anything?’écran-2016-01-13-à-22-06-56-png.68139/
Definitely doesn't sound like Hayden. No sir (:’écran-2016-01-13-à-22-07-04-png.68141/
It's amazing how much of what was said about The Occulterers in 2009 applies to Gen Sped in 2016.

The one thing that's changed is that Hayden doesn't seem to have that much of a personal army anymore. I guess even ass-lickers tire of being fed shit. :sighduck:

Between the people dropping truthbombs and Hayden's desperate flailing, the entire comment section is gold.’écran-2016-01-13-à-22-06-28-png.68168/

Hayden Black's commercial process

Great find @varvarstvo. Guess he's been doing this con-artist shit for much longer than we thought.

Hayden's commercial process

    • Try to think of an original idea.
    • Fail
    • Make a blatant rip off/use a poorly conceived idea
    • Get cheap help when ever you can (pretty standard for any creative start-up, but the next points add clarity in Hayden's context)
    • Get some big name stars to work in your production. It doesn't matter if it's only for 2-3 minutes in a series. It can become a critical selling point!
    • Film on whatever equipment you can. (poor direction and quality doesn't matter)
    • Edit together poorly. (quality doesn't matter)
    • Make a trailer that emphasize an historic/unique feature (scientific musical or first trans lead, anything with a built in audience is better)
    • Sell that trailer as hard as possible to pick up 'positive' press. Use that press to get more contacts and money for next media project
    • (BONUS) In case of gen zed, use trans issue to shield poor quality of series or hypocrisy in the writing
    • Release the 'series' and go back to 1)

Update 2- Here's the animatic for the first episode (kindly recorded by @Kitlen )

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JU 199

Maysue interview. Gives a good history of the drama so far

I had the chance to speak with Black, as well as the show’s star, Julie Rei Goldstein (who does the voice of Shona Sommers), about how they’re dealing with this experience, and they seem to be taking it in stride, despite the obvious horribleness of it.

Teresa Jusino (TMS): How did you first become aware of what was going on?

Julie Rei Goldstein: I’d just gotten home from dinner with some of my family for my birthday when Hayden called me.

TMS: How does this kind of harassment make you feel and impact your life?

Hayden Black: The ultra-racist/bigoted stuff aside – which has been about 30% of the comments – I’m amazed that people are so obsessed with Gen Zed. I mean, this is a two minute trailer and people aren’t just feeling the need to kick it via the comments sections. They’re creating artwork and videos to kick it! One of them is an 18 minute rant. That’s 9 times longer than the trailer! How many other 2 minute promos can rally this sort of response?

Goldstein: It just makes me feel sad that people are still holding on to all this hatred and prejudice in 2015. I don’t read everything because I’m just too busy. I don’t really feel like I need to protect myself because I’ve been through the ringer for over a decade and it takes a lot to get to me nowadays. Maybe 10 years ago I might have buckled under the hatred, but that’s just not me anymore. I’m much stronger than that. My main concern is always those around me. I don’t want to see anyone hurt because of vitriol that’s directed towards me. Furthermore my bigger concern in the Trans community has never been about myself, but those who aren’t as strong as I am emotionally. Some in our community tend to dismiss discussions about slurs, hate speech and so-called word policing as trivial, something we should all just get stronger and overcome, but with the astronomical depression and suicide attempt rate in our community, I just can’t accept “being strong enough” as the barrier for survival.

Black: I see the the stuff on YouTube as I delete it. I’ve stayed away from certain message boards but friends have been reading them and sending me (unsolicited) updates. Some people there are convinced we’re writing those posts ourselves; some are amazed that the Twitter account (of a fictional animated character) is written by a real live human being; etc etc. If only we could harness that power for something other than bashing a 2 minute cartoon.

I do wonder how individual people take their shit – because I’ve heard horror stories from other people, other minorities, about how it felt the day these kinda people turned to focus their ire on them. Julie has been taking it in stride; her strength is such an inspiration.

At the end of the day, I’m creating a comedy about four college-age kids, one of whom is Trans, one of whom is African-American, one of whom is Asian-American, and one of whom is Caucasian. This is scary? If you don’t like the subject matter, the comedy itself or the animation, don’t watch it. But the fact that thousands of people are going out of their way to punch and kick us means it’s already a lot more than that.

TMS: How do you think this will affect Gen Zed’s progress, if at all?

Black: It will help us grow our audience because along with the nastier comments, we’ve gotten loads more people adding us on Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr and Instagram. And it gives the haters something to bond over.

Goldstein: It fuels us to keep moving forward. All they’ve really given us is proof of why we what we’re creating is necessary and important. Many of their vile comments were denigrating Trans people who aren’t even involved in Gen Zed, bringing up the same bigoted arguments you hear from anti-LGBT organizations who want to legally deny us access to healthcare, public accommodations and employment.

TMS: Being a cisgender heterosexual dude, had you ever experienced this level of vitriol on any of your other projects? Were you surprised by the level of negativity that came with simply creating a trans female lead?

Black: Nothing like this at all – well, my mother has said some nasty things but what can you do. And yes, I’m surprised; surprised that so many people are scared by a positive portrayal of a Trans woman.

TMS: What’s the status of the YouTube situation as of right now?

Black: We’re talking to YouTube to have it reinstated. One of the trolls reposted the Gen Zed promo on his YouTube channel after the official one was taken down this morning. And another troll posted on Twitter that now it’s taken down he can’t keep making fun of us. So no matter what else they say, they clearly can’t get enough of us!

TMS: What would you say to the trolls if you could?

Black: There’s so many more interesting things to do on the internet – like watching porn.

Goldstein: If you think you have a valuable creative contribution, by all means follow your passion. What they’re doing is cowardly, but creating takes courage.

Animated Comedy Series Gen Zed the Latest Victim of Cowardly Internet Harassment   The Mary Sue.png

Animated Comedy Series Gen Zed.png


Charming Man
True & Honest Fan
I don't hate Gen Zed because of the trans character, I hate it for treating the fact that one of the actors is trans like it's a major thing. I don't think Orange Is The New Black ever did this kind of shit, nor does that Sense8 show scream 'OH MY GOD, THIS CHARACTER USED TO HAVE A PENIS' as part of it's marketing.

There's also the terrible animation, the lack of jokes (the Bill Cosby line actually made me cringe) and the faux progressiveness which just boils down to 'Everyone that isn't us is awful and should die'.

Also random pop culture references really blow.


True & Honest Fan
It looks like it was drawn and animated by a 13 year old with no eyes and sounds like it was written by 14 year old tumblrinas.
This is the work of a 39 year old man.

Also, nothing has shadows (why?) and shoe-horning Leelah Alcorns name into the trailer is tacky as fuck, it just screams "give me asspats, I care about the youth of today."

This reminds me of My Life Me aka deviantART: the Animated Series.
Oh shit, I forgot about this show. I think it´s sad how Gen Zed managed to look worse than this weeb abomination.
About the show, the only character that seen good is the trasgender one, she have a nice design and I like that her V.A is trans too but the rest of the characters are fuckin walking stereotypes, seriously, the black dude look like he come straight from the Fat Albert gang and let´s not talk about the asian girl.

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