Careercow Hayden Black - Untalented comedian with a string of failures including the infamous Gen Zed; suspended from Twitter

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When do you think GEN ZED will be released?

  • 4 months time

    Votes: 4 0.5%
  • 6 months time

    Votes: 2 0.2%
  • A year +

    Votes: 18 2.1%
  • Never

    Votes: 314 37.2%
  • Pew Pew!

    Votes: 505 59.9%

  • Total voters

Get Fisted

I believe you have some jism on your wizard sleeve
What a fuckin' ride this thread was. Is there something deeply embedded in the mind of your average tumblr screechbeast that prevents them from noticing huge, obvious scams?


i will eat your fucking soul
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I know that there was never a snowball's chance in Hell that this would ever get off the ground, but part of me is sad that we'll never see at least one episode of Gen Zed. Can you even imagine how terrible it would be?

It will live in our hearts. Like a deadly parasitic worm.

It would honestly probably just be so bad it was terrible, though, not even funny by accident. Hayden Black is as funny as the stroke he looks like he had.


Inhabitor of 14 trans bodies
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well since Gen Zed isn't happening, how long until Hayden dies from all of his consecutive strokes?

Count groudon

Concentration camp counselor
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Holy shit I legitimately forgot that this was real and it wasn't just some weird fever dream I had. So has Hayden finally learned any new jokes at least? I'm pretty sure his usual four antihumor jokes he spams on twitter have been used so much they've been burned onto his monitor.


Not-So-New Guy
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No, Gen Zed didn’t come out, sadly. Calm down.

Apparently (but more likely supposedly) Black has a meeting today about making a movie about some screenplay he wrote.


No word yet if it will star the first ever transgender person in a lead role.

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