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This is 100% my sleep paralysis demon 20210509_115356.jpg

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I think I saw Citrine Dream's video about this retard.
Is the new standard for calling yourself an artist the ability to make shitty drawings with crayons on a piece of paper? :story:
Also, if your art revolves around a deathfat, you should neck yourself immediately.
I will go to church and light a candle for FattyBerry's neck, gone and forgotten.
I guess she is only a few lbs away from having to do the Chuck closeups to hide the weight gain.


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The phrase “job stopper” comes to mind. Neck, face, hands are the classic job stopper tattoos. i know we’re in a brave new world where people aren’t supposed to care, blah blah blah, but the fact is, unless she gets credentials out the wazoo or somehow becomes social media rich, when the real world comes back and she needs a job with a boss and a HR department, there is no way she’ll be able to climb particularly high. Not because boomers run the world, but because her own peers don’t respect overly tattooed people within professional/successful spheres. she doesn’t look like a judges wife, or A credible doctor, or a successful investment banker, or real estate magnate. And she doesn’t have any charm or personality that makes up for the face tatoos. This is what women like this don’t understand, once the Instagram wears off, all they have is saggy tits and saggy tatts. Kat Von D had her 15minutes and now she’s done. Sara gets tattoos to have a personality, and it shows.

She thinks of herself as above all that, cause ya know, all her degrees and such.
When I see her random tattoos, especially on the face and hands, I always think"prison tattoos" where she got drunk on fruit cup hootch and let the inmates have at it.
TBH I don't even know what the one on her neck says.

she's the type of person who sweeps hair and answers the phone at a salon but calls herself an esthetician. while there's nothing wrong with that kind of work, it's just that the way she gasses herself up does not match reality. it's weird. she can't do anything without making it sound more grand than it actually is. she doesn't see these tattoos as a problem because in her mind she's already successful. Like @Foisgrasmacdonalds said, people aren't supposed to care, but they do. In the field she wants to work in, the better you are at it/the more credentials you have, the more people can overlook those kinds of tattoos. She thinks she's already that good (reminder that this is the same girl who uses psychology/psychiatry interchangeably)

Even if she opens her own practice, people want to be treated by someone who appears to be professional/kind/etc. Those tattoos say one thing and one thing only: "I make bad choices" so even if someone doesn't mind tattoos, hers don't instill much trust.

She's definitely going for that prison tattoo vibe. which only looks good if there's at least some degree of authenticity to it. it's also conflicting: do you want to be seen as a super heckin smartypants psychologist/psychiatrist with multiple degrees OR do you want people to think you did time at IK-14 Russian prison camp? You could just aim for the middle ground and be one of the "cool" sobriety social worker bros but she's not nearly compassionate enough for that.

Like how does she have all these degrees but never learned about basic perception and social psych lol


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Okay, so this is the best Angrey Leech can do for a profile pic. She couldn't even snuff the bong out long enough to take a profile pic.

She looks demented, as usual.
The purpose of this photo is to show the blunt(?) she’s holding. Like when teens or losers take pics of themselves with a bottle of beer or a cooler hitting their lips like they’re drinking it. All part of her “badass” (deadbeat) image she’s trying so hard to portray.

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Okay, so this is the best Angrey Leech can do for a profile pic. She couldn't even snuff the bong out long enough to take a profile pic.

She looks demented, as usual.

I'm loving that of course the blue hair dye has washed out and faded so now she looks 10 years older because it just looks like gray hair. She must be trying to make herself look more ugly

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let’s not get ahead of ourselves lmao
YMMV. I think she is naturally quite pretty, but at the rate she is going, I don't know how much is going to be left of it.

I don't mind tattoos, as long as they are well done and placed well. Hers are just total chaos and follow no rhyme or reason and will look terrible when she ages. I get the impression she uses the tattooes as and identity in an attempt to not be a "basic bitch", but they aren't tasteful or artistic enough to be anything else but "basic bitch"
I don't hate tattoos in general, but I do believe there can be too much of it (I always find it funny how people who cover almost every inch of their body complain that that's all people see in them) and that above the neck is just not a good idea. When she gets older this place will get wrinkled and saggy, and that would not look good at all. I think she is still young enough to think she will stay like this forever if she just keeps her beauty routines and physical activity regimes. She has this approach of "I work hard on my problems and hardships, that's why I'm successful" without the comprehension that some things are just beyond our control.

I am SO fucking fed up with people playing the "mentalz" card to get a pass for bad performance, stupid ideas, and outright fuckery. All you sickos need to just back off social media and shut the fuck up, because we are so over it. Bragging about psychosis, depression, anxiety, etc. does not make for content. Grow the fuck up and get help if you need it. Stop acting like circus freaks.

And Alanna, you are like a punching clown that keeps popping back for more. You wouldn't get hurt if you didn't keep coming back.

It's embarrassing.
I agree so much with this.
Get ready everyone, our very own gutterslug Alanna is about to become an A list superstar. How will this happen I hear you ask? By being "featured" on a channel called World of Adam Barta. A channel that has less than 5k subs, and averages a few thousand views a video. Well congrats Alanna, you'll still be an irrelevant lard ass, but at least we'll get some lolz from it20210510_053025.jpg20210510_053007.jpg20210510_052950.jpg20210510_052932.jpg
I think it's time for the men with the real straight jackets to make an appearance
That Twitter account does not belong to me. It's is a troll account look the grammar. At this point you all are funny. Is that real or photoshop, my twitter account is a sims related account .
If it's a troll account then it got me, and tbf it's funny but I definitely won't take the word of a ditch pig who lies about being dead, and house fires. I hope it is a troll, they are more likeable and funny than the real thing
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Here we see a fat, gross old man """parodying""" a fat, gross crackwhore:

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I would honestly watch a mr hussy reaction channel, as long as said reactor makes it funny and brutal. Think chucky coal, but not a hambeast, with an enjoyable personality. But that level of brutality. Mr hussy is foul.

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