Hazbin Hotel Thread - New series made by Vivziepop, gained an instant cancel fandom, and this entire site's final destination.

Do you believe that this series will turn to shit?

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FTFY, her avatar is a rabbit. (And she clearly has a thing for Angel Dust, who is a spider.)

Here's a thunk for you, cartoon Kiwis: If Vivzie, who has pumped out THREE fully-animated projects that raked in MILLIONS of views in a matter of days this year, keeps pushing out short animations that employ indie animators and artists with no help of big companies whatsoever....do you think she could be the start of a new animation revolution?

YouTube has rawdogged animators with each dumbass policy change so having their work seen by big companies is based on enough noise on social media and pure dumb luck. But by working on a project that has gained traction on YouTube and has a dedicated fan following, it COULD be the boost you needed to finally get the attention you never could get with a blank resume and oc donutsteals that nobody gives a shit about.

AKA if these big companies saw you worked for VivziePop, like if they saw you worked for Disney in some way, you would be in.

If HH and Helluva Boss are anything to go by, Vivzie is mainly an idea woman. She could come up with all sorts of drug-fueled visions and she's got enough special friends and paypigs to make them a reality. A lot of other people like her could do the same! More content for us, more jobs for animators, less corporate bullshit messing it all up.

The internet has already made going to Hollywood to be famous obsolete. Vivzie could be the start that would make moving to California to work in animation be next.

Or she could fuck it up somehow. Dunno.
I just hope Ashley's involvement with Hazbin doesn't make her use the same animating philosophy that we all hate about Steven Universe for.


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I know nothing of this, the drama or follow the stuff. Nor does Mrs. Bass. But she made me watch some because someone said she'd be into it.

I gave a fair shot because well I knew nothing. It's like fucking hot topic, a show. I'm sorry I might be missing something but it's like that PG13 edge but dropping F word so really adult.

the animation aside EVERYTHING red, was pretty nice, VA good but ugh I can't get into it. I know a mostly worthless review and if your jam more power, it's not bad. Just I don't see what real adults get into it, seems like the perfect 15 year old trap to grasp.