Hazbin Hotel Thread - New series made by Vivziepop, gained an instant cancel fandom, and this entire site's final destination.

Do you believe that this series will turn to shit?

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I think what helps is that Vaggie so far has been portrayed like a put-upon straight man more than anything. When I think of truly awful SJW characters, I think of shit like America Chavez breaking up with her long time girlfriend because said girlfriend didn’t want to uproot her life and move across the country to live in Chavez’s college dorm... and Chavez can teleport literally anywhere so the long distance thing wouldn’t even be an issue, or Squirrel Girl lecturing Spider Man about treating a wife beating psychopath who hunted people for sport like a bad guy because she’s considers the dude a friend, or the shoplifting and New Guy comics from local lolcow Jess and her subsequent shitfit when people thought she was the asshole in them.

Plus, considering the only primary sin that makes sense for Vaggie is Wrath given what we’ve seen, it would be kinda weird if part of character arc wasn’t tied to learning to take a chill pill once in a while.

I can see the logic, but I’m not sure I buy it. So far the men she’s been the most hostile towards have been Angel and Alastor, the guy who fucks up their plans and a guy who’s known to be dangerous. She also shows the same amount of distrust and dislike towards Nifty when she appears, so it’s not limited to just men.

The X’s across the tits might represent a desire not to be touched, but that doesn’t really prove prostitution since it could just as easily refer to feminist circles who also sport that imagery or the music/concert scenes where that look is popular. She’s also not the only character who has them, so I’m more inclined to believe that the X’s represent one or more traits all of them share - so far the theories I’ve been leaning towards are that Xs are for Wrath or where people were hit with kill shots.
She's most likely distrustful of anyone in Hell since they ended up there.

It's likely the less sins you have the more humane you look and AD, Alastor were a drug addict and serial killer who probably did too much to keep the human look.

The X's might mean were an Angel attacked you since the teacher doesn't have any of them despite sharing the sin of wrath (& suicide) she also only killed once and wasn't a piece of shit.

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Well have we got the news for Helluva Boss...
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Episode 3 hype incoming.

Ohhhh this is going to be cute (with a side of "fucked up"). :heart-full:

I’m wondering if it has to do with thematic/plot reasons or because an episode with Millie and Moxxie is too good to pass up.

Given how M+M is really popular with the fanbase, this really isn’t a bad thing, even if we have to wait for the cherubs a bit.

It's kind of funny in retrospect. Everyone who knew about HH in its early days begged Vaggie and Charlie to eat tacos when they were originally friends, and in the pilot I never believed they were a couple (more like Vaggie had a crush and Charlie was oblivious). These two on the other hand are polar opposites (straight, married and assassins) and have far more chemistry in shorter time. Might be Brandon Rogers' influence on the writing, who knows.
I’m wondering if it has to do with thematic/plot reasons or because an episode with Millie and Moxxie is too good to pass up.
I think it’s more likely that they’re releasing these episodes in the order that they finish them, even if they’re likely working on multiple episodes at the same time.

It’s actually not uncommon with animated shows on TV to have a production order that’s slightly different than the airing order (Gravity Fall’s first episode was actually the 7th episode finished, for instance), only difference is the big studios usually wait until most or all of the season is done before releasing episodes so the team has a lot more time to hash out what order to air things in.

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Awwww yeah, it's all comin' together now.

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