Headache - livestream 6/8/2021 -

Situation Type Deal Gorl

Fuck your feelings, nancypants
Holy shit! Can the Thumb paint that many boxes in a month? Can Hamber package that many uurings?

Yanno, she could just stop stuffing her piggy face so much and lose weight for $0 a month but I know, dat's just crazy talk!

Lawd, Slappy, we gon' have to lock you up for that crazytalk.

She was losing weight "too slow" because she gave herself 93 points. I am surprised that she lost any weight at all.

I refuse to believe that she did, knowing what we know about her eating habits.
She told us that she does not have sleep apnea. She is the only person in America with a BMI of 100 that does not have it. She is a medical mystery.

Excuse you haydur, I believe you mean medical MIRACLE, thankyouverymuch.

As far as she is concerned, she was losing about 100 pounds on her own through diets when the doctors decided to remove her uterus. It is all their fault if she gained all the weight back.

As we all know, it cannot possibly be hers.

Finally, the magical pill that she always wanted. I suspect that she will not get a prescription by going to an ER. I also suspect that doctors are not going to prescribe her this drug unless you are in a medically supervised weight loss programme including diets and psychotherapy. We will never hear about this again.

I'm sure she'll bring it up again when one of her enabling fans does. She'll pretend to forget the name again. Then it will be shelved to be dusted off in future videos.

Did she check with her health insurance company, if she has insurance, that is? This has nothing to do with insurance and more to do with the fact that no surgeon would approve her. Did she piss away most of her savings? I hope so.

I'm going with her not bothering to pick up health insurance, figuring that she's already had the big medical issue, surely the only one she will ever have. /s

There is a big difference between not knowing a country flag (Uzbekistan anyone?) and that countries have flags. The first one is learned knowledge, the second one is a lack of interest in the world and society in general. The fact that she was thinking of going to college is laughable. In her attempt to do a Patreon, the subjects of discussion she sent to ZM were "conspiracies, dogs, and Miley Cyrus". I would not surprised that she does not understand a thing that any medical professional tells her.

Or, now that I'm watching Karina Kaboom's reaction to this particular shitshow, that she bothers to ask them about anything, like her jaundiced skin, as she claims (I must have skipped right past this bullshit). I think, personally, that the docs said "Let's get some blood work, including liver function and enzymes", which would - had she been paying attention - have been them "mentioning" it. She bungles her way through "bilirubin", half-assedly getting it when someone in the chat spells it out, and she's too stupid to connect the dots between this and the liver. I'm trying to decide between Big Al and Chantal for amusement purposes in terms of complete liver failure. On the one hand, I'd love to see Chantal in that role, because she's simply a nasty, rat-faced shrew who deserves the gutter. On the other, watching Big Al whine all the way down the drain about it, still not taking responsiblity for anything, would be pretty fucking funny.


I'm like the queen of veggies and amazingness.
She's not jaundiced. Shes just naturally olive/ more yellow toned leaning.
olive oyl.png

Beauty of the world gorl

Midge Shelby1919

The Most Basic Of Bitches
Oh. I forgot she was streaming. Add Creepshow Art to the list of better milk right now. So, Amber, you’re going to have to stalk someone for 10 years and shittalk your “friends” on LolCow farms to get some attention.
She’s on the right path, both doing something bad, and then stealing their victims story for themselves.

Situation Type Deal Gorl

Fuck your feelings, nancypants
That's fucking hilarious. Not that this is out of line for malignant narcs to do, but there doesn't seem to be a single thing that is actually Big Al except her desire to eat until she explodes. All her "muh mentals", what she's doing on her channel - she's like the remoras that attach themselves to other fish.

I hope Deanna reads here and brings this up in the next live. 😂

Witch Bitch

Exceptional haydurs spotted her latest 'ailment', never before heard of, is almost a verbatim copy of this TikTok. The Tiktok was posted three days before this Live.

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Live, timestamped, can't archive at the moment.

Original -


Archive -

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So... fat?
No really. She got such deep heavy fat around her mid section and in between her organs and around her heart. That shes not getting full lung expansion.

We already know amber sleeps propped up and now upright on thr couch to keep from suffocating in her sleep. Its just happening while shes conscious.

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