HEALTHY FAST FOOD IDEA!!!!! 08/19/20 -

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Even smiling makes my face ache
Becky is near tears saying she’s afraid to fail. I’m sure it’s not because she knows she will never succeed around Amber.

Amber: “I need to figure out how to make this myself.” Bitch, it’s a wrap with chicken, lettuce and cheese. I’m sure you can figure it out.

Twinkie is cute, the dress is hideous though.

hourglass figure

I know what works for me
I know people would say it's bad advice.. but that's what works for me.

Says the 500lb mountain of fat as she gives diet advice.

Sorry babe can't help cos surgery.

Surprised she isn't calling it 'cancer surgery' every time she mentions it tbh. Which she can't go a 5-10 min video without slipping it in somewhere.

I hope becky drops a bunch of weight quickly and big fat al finds it. That would be hilarious.


Let me tell you the potential of my balls.
That clip where she says guess whos starting weightwatchers with meeeee is the grocery trip where Becky goes and buys 6 packs of 100 grand a a bunch of sugar drinks lmao. Then she gets choked up that shes scared she will fail. Make that make sense.
Yeah, Becky is all-in with Amber's lame "weight channel" trolling too. Both these fat cunts can die, it's what they want for themselves.